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We love CDA!

"We couldn't be happier with the care and instruction Madeline is receiving in the toddler room. She is learning so much! The young toddler teacher Jen (who I can't say enough positive things about) did an amazing job with the transition from infant to toddler. She taught her so many things that wouldn't have occurred to me (e.g., how to dance and jump). She also patiently helped her learn to sit in a chair, use a cup, and say her name. I think the formal transition period between infant and toddler is a huge strength of the CDA program!

Now that she is in the toddler room I notice new words every day. I try to work on colors, body parts, and counting with Madeline each day and I am constantly amazed at how much she has already learned at CDA. I also love hearing my daughter request songs and demonstrate the actions that accompany them. I appreciate Laurie's expertise and structured learning environment. She clearly puts a lot of effort into curriculum development. I think CDA also does a great job incorporating activity (e.g., playground, sandbox, water play). They are also diligent about safety and sunscreen which puts my mind at ease. A couple of the teachers even offered me very helpful advice for her mild eczema. They clearly care about the kiddos in their care and we are so grateful for this great learning environment."

Katie and Mark from Roseville

Parent of Madeline, Toddler


"It is amazing to see how excited our son is to go to school every day! We love the way his teachers interact with him and to hear about all of the activities in which he partiticpates all day. The teachers all welcome him and engage with him from the moment he enters the room. It is very clear he is loved and valued at CDA - and we love them!"

Nate from Hugo

Parent of Rylan, Toddler

Loving daycare!

"We are so happy with our experience at Children's Discovery Academy! Our son is only 9 months old, but we can tell he absolutely loves daycare. The teachers are great and send pictures throughout the day so we can see all the fun things he is doing. They document everything in real time (via an app on our phones) so we know when (and what) he eats, when he sleeps, when he has diaper changes and more. I feel 100% comfortable leaving my son at daycare each day and at times when I pick him up, he reaches back for his teachers because he absolutely adores them!"

Sami from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Nolan, Infant

CDA Can't be beat!

"My almost 4 year old son started daycare when he was about 16 months and has been in it off and on ever since. It took a couple of different places to find the "right" care for our son. My family has felt like the Care at CDA can't be matched anywhere else. The attention to families and the children is so refreshing to see and makes you feel your child is in great hands as a working parent. Our once very shy child has developed into an outgoing, playful preschooler with the help of CDA staff. We would recommend CDA to any family in need of great care!"

Krystina from White Bear Lake

Parent of Calvin, Preschool

Amazing experience for both kids and parents!

"After spending a year at a daycare that didn't meet our needs, we were beyond thrilled to find the Children's Discovery Academy! Our son has learned so much in the young toddler room, from sign language which has immensely helped our communication with him, to his social skills and ability to follow directions. His teacher Jen clearly cares for each child, and communicates well with parents. We are so grateful to CDA as a safe, nurturing, and welcoming place where our son truly thrives!"

Laura from North St. Paul

Parent of Fitz, Young Toddler

Very Happy

"My wife and I are very happy with our decision to send our 9 month old to Children's Discovery Academy. We love the teachers in the infant room; they are awesome at keeping us posted on everything he does throughout the day in real time (via an app). They have been willing to work with us when we wanted our son fed in an unconventional way, which has made us so happy as parents!"

Joe from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Nolan, Infant

First impression

"When we first went inside, I thought, "Wow, it's nice in here." The person at the front desk was so kind and welcoming to my son. When we took our tour, he was smiling and laughing. And he continues to smile and laugh when he is there for Daycare."

Jordan from White Bear Lake

Parent of Jordan, Young Toddler

CDA - look no further.

"As first time parents, finding a daycare can was nerve racking. We weren't quite sure what to look for or what questions to ask. Before our son was born, we looked at three different places. After looking at all three, we easily chose CDA....not only did we get great feeling about CDA, but a friend that works for the state daycare licensing gave it positive reviews. We are so happy that we enrolled or son in a CDA. He has been there for over two years and we love the attention and education they give him. The staff goes out of their way to make sure the kids are cared for and challenged in learning. We love CDA and look forward to them watching our newborn daughter next month."

Todd from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Owen, Toddler

My kid loves CDA!

"My wife and I both love CDA: helpful and caring staff, lots of activities. My son is always entertained. Good job!"

Weiwei from Maplewood

Parent of Christoph, Toddler

CDA can't be beat!

"Our almost two year old son is thrilled to walk into his classroom everyday. The teachers greet him with a smile and a genuine welcome everyday. It makes us as parents feel great knowing our toddler is having fun while playing with people he loves when we're at work. CDA is the real deal for best care!"

Krystina from White Bear Lake

Parent of Elliott, Young Toddler

My child's second home

"It's always a hard choice to pick a daycare, but I do not regret our choice at CDA. He has such a great group of teachers that, that at 6months he was moving his hands around to do the Isty Bitsy Spider, which totally stunned us as first time parents. And he loves being around all the other kids. When we come by to pick him up at the end of the day, he is excited to see us, but at the same time you know he wants to keep playing with everyone. Just a great experience for us being first time parents, and a great relief that we feel like we made the best choice for his care. (Big thanks to the infant staff)"

Nicole from Shoreview

Parent of Henry, Infant

Happy with our decision

"We've had our daughter enrolled in 3 other programs and while they good programs we have been very happy with our choice to enroll at children's discovery. She is making a lot of friends and is learning everyday. She loves to talk about the activities and field trips she goes on. In addition to the learning, it's good to know that the school serves higher quality food for her meals. I'd recommend children's discovery to other parents."

Keegan from Roseville

Parent of Chloe, Preschool

Highly Recommended!

"We have loved CDA - our son lights up when he gets to the infant room each morning. It's clear the teachers care about him and know him well. We couldn't be happier with Children's Discovery."

Amy from Little Canada

Parent of Eddie, Infant


"Very secure location. Everyone was her professional and good with the children. I also had a 5 year old enrolled at this center and I was her impresses with the advance lessons they worked on"

Leicy from St Paul

Parent of Daniel, Infant

We love CDA

"Our little girl clearly loves the staff at CDA. She gives them big smiles when they greet her. I'm also touched by the attention they give her. It's clear they take the time to get to know her preferences and interests. They always have fun little stories and thoughts when I pick her up ("she sure doesn't like peas"). I also appreciate their positivity and relaxed demeanors. The DailyConnect app makes it very easy to communicate. I love being able to ask them questions throughout the day ("are her teeth bothering her"). It's also nice to see when she ate last (or napped last) when planning our evening activities just by clicking an app on my phone. We are very pleased to have found such a lovely place for our little girl."

Katie from Roseville

Parent of Madeline, Infant

Better relationships and better attitude

"My daughter is learning so much from team in the preschool class. She is gaining confidence in herself and her making friends. Her attitude had completely changed from throwing tantrums everyday to maybe once a week. She used to hate wheni dropped heroff and cling to me as i passed her off to staff, but now she is happy to go. I am very grateful for all the structure and guidance. I definitely recommend CDA."

Tiffany from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Paige, Preschool

My kids love school!

"My son and daughter love the teachers, books, art, activities, playing outside and field trips. We are pleased that they get to interact with kids their own ages, and still love to play with each other. I've never seen such sharing in a preschool class, and just the other day, my daughter said 'Mom, we are all best friends in preschool."

Stephanie from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Maggie and Matt, Preschool & Toddler

Great Day Care!!

"We toured 4 day cares when we started looking and we knew the second we walked into CDA that it was the right one. It's clean and organized. The teachers are wonderful and care so much for the kids. They ask questions about your kids outside of day care and are always quick to tell you all about your child's day. Daily Connect is wonderful, we always know what our daughter is up to. We are very happy here, and our daughter is too."

Jessica from White Bear Lake

Parent of Ella, Infant

Don't know how we'd function without CDA

"CDA is so convienient and provides such great care for our children. Friends and family are so impressed by my description of the curriculum and offerings, our friends are often jealous they don't live closer. Pre-K is such a fun learning environment. I know my children will be ready for Kindergarten. The Before and After care and summer program are so well planned. I know homework will get done, reading will happen and in the summer, my child won't fall behind, but will excel and be ready for next year. My daughter loves the summer program so much she can't decide if she likes school or daycare better! We are so grateful for the planning and care that goes into taking care of our children. As two parents who work full, we don't know how we would function without the stability and offering of CDA."

Jamee from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Chloe and Hazel, School-Age & Pre-K

Exceptional care

"Our daughter has been at Children's Discovery since 3 months of age. The care that she has received at Children's Discovery is astounding! The teachers truly care about her well being and development. The activities that they do with the children is done in a safe manner. The staff think outside of the box and find ways to challenge our daughter. I value the exceptional care that they have provided for our child for over 4 years! I highly recommend this center to other families seeking childcare."

Maria from White Bear Lake

Parent of Abby, Pre-K


"We have been so happy with children's discovery. Not only do I find the staff very caring and great to work with, but they have proven to be collaborative with brainstorming on how to best meet our child's needs as well."

Sheena from White Bear Township

Parent of Lorcan, Toddler


"We love CDA! My kids love CDA, more often that not I need to pull them away from their activities and friends at the end of the day. I am consistently amazed at all of the new things my children are learning. I know they are receiving the best care possible each and every day. The teachers are top notch, and I believe they genuinely care about these kids! We toured quite a few daycare centers 4 years ago before our daughter was born and we knew immediately CDA was the place for us. We haven't doubted that once ever since."

Sarah from Hugo

Parent of Clara & Thomas, Preschool & Toddler

Great center to choose!

"My first impression of Children's Discovery was great. The staff there are so amazing it's a warm and inviting environment. My daughter attends the Pre-k program at the Vadnais Heights location. She loves it there everyday she is eager to go to school. She has also learned so much from there she has come a long way and I have the wonderful teachers in that room to thank. Everyday when I pick her up she has so much to tell me about her day and what she and her friends did. I'm glad I chose to bring her to Children's Discovery."

Loretta from North St. Paul

Parent of Ava, Pre-K

Great teachers, great program

"We couldn't be happier with the service they provide and the environment for Taylor. She loves all the teachers and kids and was accepted from day one. It's always nice to pick her up knowing she is been taken care of and in a structured environment with fun time and home work time. Would recommend to anyone."

Charlie from White Bear Lake

Parent of Taylor, School-Age

Outstanding staff and great curriculum!

"My daughter Ava is currently in the pre kindergarten room. She loves going to daycare everyday! E very morning she is greeted by her teachers which are Darci and Amy. When I pick her up all the staff in the after noon are amazing. I know that she has fun there and learns because she comes home and tells me all about her day. The curriculum is also so wonderful and I can see that she is learning so much. Childrens discovery is a great place to send your kids."

Loretta from Oakdale

Parent of Ava, Pre-Kindergarten

Highly Recommend Kindergarten

"We have been so pleased with Children's Discovery childcare & Kindergarten is no different!  The small class sizes are definitely a bonus!  We would highly recommend Kindergarten at Children's Discovery!"

Laura from Lino Lakes

Parent of Stella, Kindergarten

Great Daycare!

"I am extremely happy with the care our 6 month old daughter has been getting from Children's Discovery Academy Of Early Learning. The infant teachers are great with her and receive a big smile when we enter the room. The teachers are very nice and attend to each childs needs. I would recommend Children's Discovery to and parent looking for a great and safe daycare for all ages."

Brian from White Bear Lake

Parent of Brynlee, Infant Program

Wonderful Place

"When we visited Children's Discovery we knew this was the place for our baby. It felt welcoming, happy and the staff were thoughtful and knowledgeable.
Our baby girl is excited to see her teachers EVERY day. The communication with the staff is fantastic. It is an incredibly caring place with a high level of professionalism in how they care for the children."

Melissa from St. Paul

Parent of Wren, Infant Program

Merissa's Universe

"So it goes without saying, your child grows and learns every day, with that being said, that is how Merissa’s world as progressed into Merissa’s universe. My child has been coming to CDA since she was a baby and with every new stage she grows the learning curriculum grows with her. She loves to go to school and play with her friends. As a parent I find that the CDA staff go above and beyond to make sure my child is well taken care of, in all aspects. I would not have pick a different child care center. My 13 year old we to CDA as well, from 2 years old through Kindergarten. It is a wonderful place and they have the best staff."

Jennifer from St. Paul

Parent of Merissa, Preschool Program

Great program

"We started the pre kindergarten program after moving and Children's Discovery made the transition easy. Everyone is friendly and I love the letters of the week and the curriculum! Our son loves going to "school" and it is a great way to get him into a school environment! We are so happy!"

Dana from Lino Lakes

Parent of Logan, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Best Care Other than their own Parents

"We moved to the area 3 years ago and were commuting downtown with our daughter. 1.5 years ago, we started looking around for closer care for our 3-year old. The tour at Children's Discovery was amazing. Everyone was so warm and engaged. At other centers, I often feel the caregivers don't have their hearts in it; as if it's just a temporary job and they may happen to like kids. At CDA, many (most) of the teachers have years and years of experience; the turnover is very low. My son will have the same teachers as my daughter who is three years older; it almost feels like a small-town community school. The teachers really do tailor the care and learning plans to the individual child, and show as much empathy and compassion as I would as a parent. It's hard to leave your child in the care of someone else, but CDA is more than babysitting, the teachers are helping my children develop. My 4 year old already surpasses most Kinderga rten standards; she's learned to love learning, not to mention structure, group play and develop a passion for creativity. I'm very happy with the choice I made for both kiddos and can't wait to see my son follow big sister's footsteps."

Sherri from Gem Lake

Parent of Cormac & Lilja, Infant & Pre-K Programs


"Our son just started in the infant room, and like any new parent, I was extremely nervous. Dawn and the other staff in the infant room made my husband and I feel at ease when we went to visit and I immediately felt better. On my son's first day, we received a very nice note from Dawn on the Daily Connect app (which we LOVE following along throughout the day) that morning and the staff sent us pictures of our son throughout the day which helped put us at ease. Although we are brand new to CAD, we already love it!"

Laura from Richfield

Parent of Ethan, Infant Program

Great place, great people, great care

"We've been taking our little girl here since she was 12 weeks old. Now she's 19 months She loves going to school every day.
She comes home almost every day having learned something new.
I love that everyone there knows her name, even if they work with other age groups."

"We feel secure and great about entrusting everyone there with her care.
I like that she is with kids her own age, learning social skills and age appropriate classroom activities."

"I have recommended CDA to friends and will continue to do so."

Rachel from St. Paul

Parent of Elizabeth, Young Toddler Program

Superb Care

"After moving from Illinois and not knowing the area, we looked into many other daycares around our new apartment. We instantly knew that Children's Discovery was the perfect fit for our first grader. His teachers are thoughtful and educated. Even though he is there for a short time, he always has so much fun. He usually likes it when we pick him up late so he can spend more time there. We appreciate all that the center does and love the focus on education and care."

Kim from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Conner, School-Age Program

Very Impressed

"Eli had always loved going to school, but last fall when he started kindergarten at a public school we saw a drastic change with him. He started saying that he hated school and didn't want to go anymore. It was also a struggle to do homework with him after school. We transferred him to discovery academy after 3 months of being in the public school system and instantly saw a change. He now says he loves school again and actually is excited to go everyday. He does not mind doing his homework and his writing skills are improving every day. I would highly recommend this school. It gave us back our happy little guy and it is exciting to see him enjoy it so much! Thanks!"

Karla, from Maplewood

Parent of Eli, Kindergarten Program

Two thumbs up

"We have had a great experience with Children's Discovery Academy. The staff there at CDA truly care about the kids there! I know that my babies are given love and attention. I would definitely recommend anyone to bring their kids here (and I have!) The communication with the online Daily Connect site is amazing and creates an easy way for parents to stay informed throughput the day."

Kelly from Roseville

Parent of Sawyer & Ivy, Toddler & Infant Programs

Exactly What I Would Expect For My Child

"Children's Discovery of Vadnais Heights has been a HUGE part of our life since my daughter has been about 2 years old, who is now 4 years old and soon transferring to Children's Discovery Little Canada for before and after school care for Kindergarten very soon! I am very excited to have made the decision of her staying within the center because not only are the employees so friendly and always so welcoming and understanding, but the education that is being provided makes me feel so much more comfortable knowing that while I am at work, I know my daughter is safe and also being taught exactly what she needs for education and be able to advance with ease. Ever since I started bringing my daughter to Children's Discovery, I never once second guessed myself on if she should stay. To any families who are already enrolled or to any families thinking about being enrolled, I highly recommend Children's Discovery Learning Academy b ecause there is no other center like this one!"

Adriana from Wyoming, MN

Parent of Kylee, Pre-Kindergarten Program

We love it!

"We have our two boys in the pre-kindergarten and toddler classrooms, and both absolutely love it! They love their teachers, we love their teachers, and their teachers love them. They are both learning at a steady pace, and their days are filled with activity. We love receiving our Daily Connect updates and being able to be in communication with the teachers, if need be. The office staff are amazing, as well, and will go to the ends of the Earth to find the answer to a question!"

Sara from Little Canada

Parent of Gabriel and Maximillian, Pre-K & Toddler Programs


"We have two children attending the school and have been nothing but delighted with the progress and development of our children. Our three year old was very challenging to potty train but CDA encouraged her and she is currently fully potty trained. Each transition to a different room was wonderful. The teachers made the kids feel so comfortable and they were so patient with each of them. My three year old has learned so much in the preschool room. Her manners are fabulous and her verbal skills have increased dramatically. She has learned proper etiquette for many social situations and how to follow directions and behave in many situations. I could not ask for more progress in my daughter. She has excelled beyond my expectations."

Theresa from Little Canada

Parent of Tesla, Preschool Program

Perfect fit!

"Our little has so much fun at CDA. She has so much fun playing with her teachers and little friends. It amazes me to see how much she learns on a daily basis. I also love the communication that comes with CDA, the Daily Connect application is the best! I can see the different activities my daughter participates in throughout the day, and it is always a bonus when pictures get posted! CDA is the perfect fit for our family and we recommend them to everyone we know!"

Pam from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Olivia, Young Toddler Program

Wonderful in every way

"We absolutely love CDA in every way. The experience of dropping your child off is seamless, the teachers are always welcoming and prepared. They accommodate every need you have and are pro-active in communicating any needs they may have. The mobile app they use is wonderful and keeps you in touch with your child throughout the day. I would highly recommend CDA to everyone I know."

Dan from Vadnais Heights

Parent of Olivia, Young Toddler Program

Highly recommended!

"As a first time parent my wife and I were nervous about selecting a daycare, we toured several daycares in the area and Children's Discovery was the only one for us. The made us feel comfortable and confident that our son was in great hands. Since bringing our son Owen to the center the teachers have been excellent to work with as they give him the love, educating and caring he needs throughout the day. The daily connect app is a great resource allowing you to check in on his activities and see pictures of what he is up too on a daily basis. Highly recommended!"

Todd from Oakdale

Parent of Owen, Infant Program


"My son started going to Children's Discovery Academy about 7 month's ago and it was the best decision I made. They have been so welcoming every day, day in and day out. I honestly can't picture my son being any where else. Teachers are kind, very secure and a nice online update of your kids day. I would recommend children's discovery academy to absolutely everyone. This would be your best decision!"

Bryan from New Brighton

Father of Juliano, Toddler Program

My kids are happy!

"Picking a daycare for our oldest child was a difficult and nerve wracking decision. However, I now know we made the right decision. Our oldest is 3 years old now and was enrolled at CDA since she was 12 weeks old. Each day she is happy to go to school and happy to tell us about her day.

Our youngest is 4 months old and at 4 months old, we can see the same reactions in her personality when she goes to school as we see in our oldest. Each morning as soon she hears the voices of the infant room staff members, she is turning her head to make eye contact. She follows up her stares with her big smile! It just warms my heart to see enjoying her days just like her sister did when she was that age.

It is amazing how happy they both are even though they are learning so much! CDA has so much to offer (an incredible food program, LARGE outdoor play spaces for all ages, indoor play/gym area, field trips, extra enrichment programs, etc.) and it comes through in the happiness of the children.

This was truly the best decision for us and our family -- We highly recommend CDA!"

Stephanie from Maplewood

Mother of Elle and Hailey, Preschool and Infant Programs

Merissa's world in HD

"Merissa’s world is also in HD thanks to Children’s Discovery. As a parent you have concerns about what your kids are doing all day, while you are at work. My family has been with children’s discovery since Merissa’s sister Meranda was a toddler. So I know that they are well taking care off. I love the fact that as times have changed and the world is changing the daycare is taking steps by making sure they are up to date. I greatly appreciate that fact that I can log-in at any time and see what Merissa is doing and every now and then have a chase to see a cute picture. This is an added benefit as the daycare as done so well with both of my children already. We also very pleased that has Merissa has grown the curriculum has grown with her. She is happy to go to school every day and I think she misses it on the days off. So thank you children’s discovery for bringing Merissa’s world to me in HD."

Jennifer from Saint Paul

Mother of Merissa, Toddler Program

Our kids love CDA and so do we

"On the first day back to first grade after spending a multiple day break at CDA, my daughter said the sweetest thing. In the morning as we were getting ready she said to me, "I wish I could go to Heather's class [school age room] every day!" I asked if she was unhappy at her other school. She said that she really likes her school, but going to CDA was the best. She talks a lot about how excited she is to spend her summer at CDA. It's always great when a teacher makes a difference in a child's life, especially when it's your own child."

Adam Burback from Maplewood

Father of Kaya, School-Age Program

Peace of Mind

"The center has been a great place for our kids to learn with their peers, with a dedicated and friendly staff. Potty training is right on schedule, with encouragement from the young toddler room, and the variety and quality of meals and snacks means both kids are really trying a lot of different foods. On Fridays, Maggie gets so excited about the Tumble Fun Bus that she can't wait to get to school."

Stephanie from Vadnais Heights

Mother of Maggie and Matt, Toddler and Infant Programs

We love it.

"I love that my daughter loves going to school and yes, sometimes when I show up to pick her up, she's not happy to see me because she doesn't want to leave. But I don't feel bad. I'm so happy she's having so much fun and learning and making friends. I'm so thankful for Children's Discovery!"

Jamee from Vadnais Heights

Mother of Hazel, Preschool Program

It's like having a tutor everyday!

"The school age room is fantastic. When the kids get off the bus, the teachers check their homework folders and make sure everyone does their homework first. The teachers and students help each other and it frees up a little time in the evening for us to have fun as a family. After not seeing my kids all day and with how rushed the evenings are, I don't have to worry about trying to get homework done, make dinner, and get a bath in. It's like having a tutor everyday!"

Jamee from Vadnais Heights

Mother of Chloe, School-Age Program

Great Environment

"My husband and I really appreciate the compassion and caring towards our daughter. My Haylee has been in Pre-K for over a year and i love how i can easily communicate with her teacher and how she takes the time to make Haylee feel special."

Schaundra from White Bear Lake

Mother of Haylee, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Amazing Activities

"Our children have attended CDA for nearly five years. Our two oldest our now in the school-age before and after school program and attend on non school days. Our youngest is in the toddler room and will soon be moving up to preschool. All three children really enjoy attending CDA. They look forward to all the fun activities that the staff prepare each week. The toddler program is very imaginative and we are always impressed by how much our toddler is learning. The school age program does an excellent job of keeping the older children engaged and they always offer a variety of activities so there is something for everyone. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication the CDA staff put toward making our children's day fun and educational."

Alison from Gem Lake

Mother of Isla, Iris, and Gus; Toddler and School-Age Programs

Ready for Kindergarten

"Having my son come to Children's Discovery has helped me be at ease with him being prepared for school, especially Kindergarten. He loves going and makes new friends. I am very impressed with how they are able to just teach and have him interact. He's learned to write his name and count and say his ABCs so very confidently. I would recommend Children's Discovery to parents who are not just looking for a place to have their kids being watched but they will also provide great educational skills that will help them develop and grow."

Pa from Vadnais Heights

Mother of Kalvin, Pre-Kindergarten Program

A Solid Education with Lots of Fun

"I have sent two children through the excellent program at Children's Discovery. It has been a great experience. The staff are warm and caring, the curriculum has prepared my oldest for kindergarten, and the administration is incredibly responsive to parents concerns and needs. My kids love the daily routines and especially the wonderful field trips! Many members of the staff have been there for years and have watched my kids grow from babies to school-age. I am happy to have had a loving place to take my children."

Julia from Roseville

Mother of Liam, Preschool Program

Raving Fan!

"I think the entire staff does such a wonderful job and you are all so helpful and give me advise if needed. I love the one-on-one contact Haydn gets plus the friendships she has developed, I know a lot of this sounds like any other review but this place has changed my daughter's and my life and I am so thankful to have come across this school it's been amazing!!"

Amanda from North Branch

Mother of Haydn, Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Best Center Ever!

"From the first moment I called I knew that Children's Discovery Academy was the right fit for our family and for Emerson. We have two sons and between them have experienced five providers - CDA is by far the best. The staff are the happiest people we've met, are dedicated to his learning experience and provide a structured, yet flexible and kid focused environment. The administration takes good care of their employees - which shows. The communication between parents and providers is unparalleled - between the daily pictures and updates, the same day responses to questions and concerns and the ability to talk one to one with the teacher if you or they have a concern you are never left wondering if someone got your message and/or what your kid is doing at school (and without the paper slips!!). I knew this was the right center upon walking in - it was confirmed when our son came home after being at CDA for 2 weeks wanting to color , draw and practice writing his E's.....within just 3 short months of attending he is writing his full name and is picking up letters by sight and sound. Call, take a visit or talk to a parent - you won't be disappointed by making the decision to enroll your child in Children's Discovery Academy!"

Angie of White Bear Lake

Mother of Emerson, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Still Merissa's World

"This is entitled Merissa’s world as every morning, Merissa smiles and says school. She enjoys every minute at CDA. She has been attending for the past 1 ½ and I cannot think of one bad experience. She is happy to be dropped off every day and play and learn with her friends. As she has gotten older we our noticing things that the school is teaching her that we haven’t really even touched on yet or at least we as parents didn’t know that she knew certain things. For example we were sitting on the couch one day awhile back and she grabbed my nose and said nose. At that point I had no idea she knew what a nose was, then she continued to teach me all of the parts of my face. It is moments like this that remind me it is daycare but much more as every day and every moment is a learning experience in Merissa’s world."

Jennifer of Saint Paul

Mother of Merissa, Toddler Program

Wonderful in every way

"CDA is wonderful in every way, when we started looking for child care for our daughter we toured a few facilities around town and instantly fell in love with CDA. The warm welcome we have received from them since we start having our daughter attend has made the transition from my wife staying home each day to working again so much easier. The staff is friendly and welcoming and they have always been responsive to our and her needs.  We love it here!"

Dan of Vadnais Heights, MN

Father of Olivia, Infant Program

Trustworthy and thoughtful care

"After thoroughly researching centers in the area and receiving over 10 recommendations, we confidently enrolled our daughter at CDA. All the staff, including those in the older toddler classroom, are wonderful with the children and friendly & helpful for all parents. My daughter became comfortable quite quickly thanks to the teachers and is excited to go to CDA. I trust the staff of CDA and that is not something that comes automatically for me so I believe that says a lot about CDA. Don't hesitate to enroll your children at CDA - if anything you'll regret not enrolling at CDA!"

Kate of Shoreview, MN

Mother of Isla, Toddler Program

Highly recommend

"We have two children at Children's discovery and have experienced all the classrooms and couldn't be happier. They have extremely high standards, they are fun, they love working with children and they are very responsive and helpful to parents. They always make my children feel loved. We love the curriculum and activities and the extra opportunities offered. The teachers are always so friendly and engaging. Our oldest in school-age always has her homework done before we pick her up and her pre-K experience helped prepare her for kindergarten and first grade. Our preschooler is always so excited to go to school and see her teachers and friends. She is always so engaged and learning so much. We love to hear about their day when we pick them up. We also love how the online information sheet, daily connect, keeps us informed and connected to our children. Highly recommended!!!"

Jamee of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Hazel and Chloe, Preschool and School-Age Programs

Couldn't be happier

"We chose CDA based on recommendation from friends. Lizzie is our first, and we started the search for a child care center long before she was born. We looked at several other places, and we were so impressed with CDA's facilities, staff and approach to care and education that we signed up almost immediately. We started her in the infant room at 10 weeks old, and we are so happy with how caring, attentive and fun the ladies who care for her every day are. We are really looking forward to having her there for years to come."

Rachel of St. Paul, MN

Mother of Lizzie, Infant Program

Great Staff/Great Learning Environment

"We have been at Children's Discovery Academy for 2 years now and just love it. The staff is so friendly and knows every child from every classroom. It's great to still see the same faces after so long. Our 3 year old begs to go to preschool everyday. He has been learning so much and is so excited for all the new things they do."

Melanie of Saint Paul, MN

Mother of Emmit, Preschool Program

So glad we found Children's Discovery Academy

"We have been incredibly pleased with Children's Discovery Academy. Even before our kids started attending the responsiveness of the staff has been tremendous. It's so nice to have a place to bring your children where you know they will learn, have fun and enjoy going."

Karen of Shoreview, MN

Mother of Danika and Sienna, School-Age Program

Highly Recommend

"Our 4 year old son has been enrolled at CDA from the time he was 4 months old. He loves coming to "school" to play with his friends and learn new things. As he has progressed through the levels we have been amazed by how well he is cared for. Without reservation we recommend CDA to any parent looking for a safe and positive place for their child to grow up."

Laura of Roseville, MN

Mother of Jake, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Happy kids and peace of mind

"I found CDA four years ago when researching day care for my first child. I toured both locations and was instantly drawn to the atmosphere and staff. We chose Little Canada because of its proximity to our house. I've been so happy to bring both of my girls to CDA while I work! The spacious rooms and indoor and outdoor play areas give my kids the space they need. My children love their teachers and feel like the teachers are proud of them and their accomplishments. I get different answers all the time when I ask about their favorite thing about school - they like everything! My new school-ager was very sad to say good-bye to CDA and her Pre-K teachers this fall. My new pre-schooler misses her toddler teachers but is having a wonderful time being a grown-up preschooler at CDA! The staff is so friendly and flexible. I would recommend CDA in a heartbeat. It's been our second home. I'm so grateful for the security and happiness my children feel and the peace of mind I have when I bring them to school here!"

Rebecca of Saint Paul, MN

Mother of a Preschool Student

We Feel Really Lucky!

"I enrolled my son Max in the Pre Kindergarten class two years ago at Children's Discovery in Vadnais Heights. I had the normal concerns any parent would have leaving their child in someone else's care... Will my child be engaged? Will he be cared for? Will he be seen and treated as an individual? Will they feed him well and make sure he is safe? Will they communicate with me and respond to my concerns?

Resoundingly I have found the answers to be yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

The staff welcomed us as individuals and made Max feel at home and important. They always seem happy themselves and happy to see the children. The center is impeccably clean and the children follow good hygiene routines, (which no doubt cuts down on shared cold and flu bugs,) The meals are healthy, the curriculum and learning environment are progressive and children's individual needs are taken seriously. The environment is both safe and stimulating, and you feel the staff honestly loves your child. They communicate regularly throughout the day (via a smart phone app, or an email digest.) You know if your child ate well, what they did or worked on, if they rested... They even send pictures!

We had such a good experience at Pre K in Vadnais Heights that we decided to enroll in the Kindergarten program at the Children's Discovery Academy in Little Canada. The all day program had a small class size of 9 students and therefore was an intimate and close knit learning environment. Safe, clean, loving, and healthy, Max always loved going to class and again his individuality was encouraged and respected. It was a great place to be for his first year of school. Tuition included two meals and two snacks, Spanish class, before and after school care, and non school day care. If tuition gives you pause, please believe me, this is a great value and for me was important because I didn't have to have Max transitioning between care providers frequently.

Now Max is in first grade and we are so happy to be back at Children's Discovery in Vadnais Heights for before school care and to get on the bus in the morning! Max was remembered, and welcomed back and he is so genuinely happy to see the staff and kids there in the morning (and even gets to run into his Kindergarten teacher once in a while!)

Outstanding, Children's Discovery! Our family has a lot of love and appreciation for all of you at both locations. I would not hesitate to recommend either school to anyone wholeheartedly."

Kristen of St. Anthony Village, MN

Mother of Max, School-Age Program

Quality Education and Peace of Mind

"Children's Discovery Academy Not only I know my child is receiving a good education, but is making many good friends, and having fun. I know because she loves it, talks about her friends, and the things she has done during the day. I know that she is loved and learning to love, care, and share with her friends. Moreover, Children's Discovery Academy is safe, and have a very knowledgeable and caring staff. This in turn gives me peace of mind, Knowing that my child is receiving a good education, is safe, and well cared for."

James of Little Canada, MN

Father of Brooklyn, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Great Teachers!

"As a busy working single-mommy, I rely a lot on Children's Discovery Academy to be there for me and my 3 year old son. As hard as it is to be away from him so much during the week, I know he is in great hands. His teachers have been SO GREAT with him. I especially appreciate the warm greetings when I come to pick him up at the end of the day - they are always quick with a friendly update and offer something specific about what he did or what he accomplished that day. They are always so sincere and excited for him which makes both of us feel so wonderful. Thank you CDA teachers for all that you do. You are awesome!"

Molly of Little Canada, MN

Mother of Mason, Preschool Program

Great Feeling

"As somebody who has spent many years as a Childcare Teacher myself, I was extremely picky when it came to finding a center for my children. I did a lot of research and more tours than I can remember. It turns out, Children's Discovery fit criteria for things I didn't even know I was looking for, it was the feeling and look of the classrooms that made the decision. Yes, they are excellently rated and have great credentials, but seeing that the infants and toddlers were broken into groups within their rooms and that the furniture was warm and exciting but didn't look like stock of the most efficient things out there meant a lot to me. My children were both older than infants when I chose to start them in daycare, but I think looking at how a center cares for their infants says more about the center than any other one thing by itself."

Amanda of Vadnais Heights, MN

Mother of Lucas and Caroline, Preschool and Young Toddler Programs

The Complete Package

"Children's Discovery is a wonderful place. Our son is cared for as if he were family. He learns so much during the day while having fun with the teachers and friends in his class. He is always excited when we tell him that today he gets to go see his friends. That includes his teachers. He loves all of them. As parents we feel secure knowing that while we can't be with him he is in a nurturing, caring, and safe environment. We recently moved, but we've kept our son at Children's Discovery because we can't imagine we'll ever find a better place."

Dana of Hugo, MN

Mother of Jackson, Toddler Program

Great Place for Kindergarten

"This past year at Kindergarten at Children’s Discovery Academy – Little Canada was really a great experience. We appreciate the smaller class size & enrichment programs that enhance the overall learning. Our Son looks forward to Spanish & Friday Cooking Class. Mrs. Boggess takes time to work with the students individually to understand what motivates & interested them to engage them in learning.

Mrs. Boggess recognized that our Son was struggling with reading. She did not just continue to push him along with the rest of the class, but worked with him to go back & review their reading curriculum basics to gain confidence and have a solid reading ground to build upon.

Our Son enjoys Math & Science subjects in Kindergarten. He is great at subtraction & can name the planets! (something I can’t even do)

Our Son has a high energy level, we worked with Children’s Discovery to try different things & found that an incentive program was what he needed to motivate him to focus better. Mrs. Boggess gives us updates via Daily Connect to let us know if he had a good morning & afternoon.

At first our family struggled with the homework assignments, fitting them into our nightly routine, etc. But now that the school year is almost over we can see the importance of reinforcing leaning at home, we understood first hand where our son struggled or excelled & we built strong study habits for the future."

Thank You, Karla & Jorgen
Parents of Anders, Kindergarten Program

Inspired by her teacher

"We have loved the CDA kindergarten program. My daughter has learned to read and she is an enthusiastic writer because she has been inspired by her teacher. She comes home with lots of questions about science and social studies, so I know she is learning about things that interest her. She has gained a lot of math skills and literacy in reading graphs and charts because they create them in ways that are meaningful to a 5 year old. I've really appreciated the kindergarten teacher's creativity and the freedom she has to create a learning experience that works for my child."

Message from my daughter: I like to lrn! I love my techr.

Jesse of Vadnais Heights

Father of Eliana, Kindergarten Program

A Good Spot

"You know you've found a good spot for your child when you drop them off in the morning and they always have a big smile on their face and an extra skip in their step. Then, when you arrive to pick them up in the evening, they want more time to finish a project and invariably ask if you are early."

Luke of Shoreview

Father of Liam, Kindergarten Program

Children's Discovery is Our #1

"Tyler has been going to CDA for three years. Ever since he has started we have been recognizing things that he is learning (that we hadn't taught him) and love it. He will come home singing a new song, or surprise us with things he has learned in his classroom. I love the structure that CDA has and the classroom/learning feel that they provide to children before they enter the real school world. I really think it helps prepare our children for the future. CDA staff has always been such a delight to work with. They love and treat your children as if they were their own, which makes this overprotective Mom feel safe leaving her child(ren) there. I would highly recommend (and have) CDA to anyone that wants to listen! Great work!"

Rachel of Woodbury

Mother of Tyler, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Caring Place

"I love how caring everyone is at Children's Discovery. I truly feel that each teacher and staff member really cares for each and every child. They make each child feel special and that means the world the me as a working mom. It's hard enough leaving your children each day. I know that they are getting love, learning and socializing at CDA. I love that I can see updates on daily connect. It makes me feel connected to my children and comforts me knowing they are o.k. I am so happy we found CDA when we moved here!"

Jamee of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Chloe and Hazel, School-Age and Toddler Programs

CDA is welcoming

"Makani attends CDA only two days per week. I think this led to a somewhat difficult adjustment period for her and she had a very hard time for the first couple of weeks being dropped off and taking naps. The CDA staff were wonderful at helping her get calmed down and comfortable though and their obvious concern for her happiness made it much easier on mom and dad when it came time to leave!"

Eric of White Bear Lake

Father of Makani, Toddler Program

Very pleased

"This is the second daycare center our daughter has attended. At CDA she gets much more attention and stimulation. She truly seems happier. They engage her in activities and more advanced play then her previous daycare. The providers seem to adore the children. Our daughter adjusted very quickly and has grown so much at this center. They keep the kids buys with enriching activity. The center is very well run and organized. Being a former preschool teacher I feel at CDA they are doing an excellent job of providing the children with educational and stimulating activities."

Theresa of Little Canada

Mother of Tesla, Young Toddler Program

Child Security

"After having a short 6-week maternity leave, I knew it was going to be difficult to leave my baby for the first time. The infant classroom made it so comforting for me to embrace this transition. We reviewed a LOT of other day care facilities, and each time I left I never felt secure about leaving my child there, and it wasn't until we visited CDA facility in Vadnais Heights that I finally felt that peace. I cried the whole way home after visitation because I knew we found the right care and was realizing I had to leave my baby for the first time! Dawn, in the infant room, is absolutely amazing with kids and put me at ease during this time."


Mother of Emma, Infant Program

Keeping Parents Informed

"CDA does a great job at keeping us informed of our son's activities, food intake, sleep, and mood throughout the day. It is such great peace of mind to be able to know so much even though we aren't with him during the day!"

Christy of Hugo, MN

Mother of Colton, Young Toddler Program

Raving Fan!!

"I think Children's Discovery is amazing and that my child has grown and learned so much in the year she has been there, I am so proud and thankful for the staff whom takes pride in there jobs. I appreciate every staff member there, Thank you guys for all your wonderful influences!"

Amanda of North Branch, MN

Mother of Haydn, Pre-Kindergarten Program

CD Rocks!

"Thanks so much for these [Daily Connect] msgs. I really appreciate them. It's nice knowing the information u email out daily since i cant be there for him to send him off to school, i am grateful i can count on u for back up especially on how my child ate and that he got off to school safely and was given guidance.  It's been a relief know his morning is off to a good start. Thank you for all u do!! CD R O C K S!! ;)"

Kristina of Lino Lakes

Mother of Jackson, Kindergarten Program

Great learning, great for working parents

"Having our kids attend Children's Discovery has been one of the best investments we've made as parents. We have three children, with our oldest now 9 years old. She started going to Children's when she was 3, and our son started when he was 1. They both progressed through the rooms and ultimately attended kindergarten at Children's. Our youngest is nearly 5 and in the PreK class. She has been at Children's since she was an infant.

The level of teaching and the caring of the staff is exceptional. The curriculum is wonderful, and I have had no concerns about my kids being prepared for elementary school. In fact, I worried more about the other kids in elementary school who didn't have the same learning experience as my kids. Many of the teachers have been there multiple years. Several teachers have taught all three of our kids at various stages. I know they enjoy seeing the kids progress and move on. Yet, with all the great learning, there is a healthy balance between learning, fun time, and rest time. There is adequate outdoor time and gym time - as well as the opportunity for kids to enroll in outside programs offered through Children's (dance, music, Tumblefun Bus, soccer, swimming, etc). Those programs make it so easy for working parents to get their kids involved.

We have had such a good experience at Children's the last 6 years. We will miss it when our daughter graduates from kindergarten next year!"

Stacy of Maplewood

Mother of Rosie, Pre-Kindergarten Program

We love our school!

"We have been so impressed with Children's Discovery Academy from the first day we dropped off our son. From the caring staff, flexible schedules and fun activities to the secure check in and great coffee, CDA always goes above and beyond. We cannot say enough good things about CDA - we love you!"

Jennifer of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Cayson, Young Toddler Program

Great care

"We have been at CDA for a year and a half now and we love it! Great staff and everyone is so great to the kids."

Melanie of St. Paul

Mother of Emmit, Preschool Program

"I love Pre-K!"

"That is what my daughter is saying nowadays at home. She loves her class, teachers and friends. Thank you for doing a wondering job in motivating her to come to school everyday. She is not yet 4 years old but already able to read numbers and most of the letters. We are happy to see her excel in learning. In addition, the Daily Connect app and Daily Progress e-mails are very helpful to know that she is doing fine in eating and napping in school.

Thank you to Casi and her team for such a great job."

Trang of Little Canada

Mother of Halina, Pre-Kindergarten Program

My children love going to CDA!

"When we moved I was really sad that we had to switch daycare providers since we loved the one we were attending but I knew right away that Children's Discovery was going to be the type of place I would trust to leave my children. My children love the teachers and the curriculum. The teachers and staff are easy to work with and help make things as easy as possible for parents. The teachers are kind and understanding and I know my children are not only learning what they need to succeed when they enter kindergarten, but they are also learning to be kind and understanding individuals. I love that I know what my child is doing in real time and can see pictures of them having fun and learning on Daily Connect! It puts my mind at ease being that connected to the classrooms. I can send a message to the teachers and see it and respond right away. And I love to have the daily recap at the end of the day. My children love going to daycare and I know that is because of everything the teachers and staff do to make CDA a fun, safe, and educational place to be."

Jamee of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Hazel and Chloe, Toddler and Before & After School Programs

The bar is set high

"Thank you for being an passionate, fun, and an inviting educator. You have really set the bar high for his future teacher's."

Charlene of Little Canada,

Mother of Jourdin, Kindergarten Program

Amazing Staff

"I have had my daughter go to Children's Discovery and she also went to Kindergarten. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for daycare. The staff are great at what they do they know each kid by name and they also know the parents. They tell you if your child has had a good or bad day, and if they got hurt playing they will notify you as well. After having 2 kids go to this daycare I would bring any other children there as well. They do a fantastic job!!!"

Jessica of Little Canada

Mother of Brayden, Pre-Kindergarten Program

The little things

"Thank you Julie (and Jenny & Katie too) for the extra time & effort you put forth for Anders."

Karla of Shoreview

Mother of Anders, Kindergarten Program

Excellent care and education

"We switched school / care givers earlier this year in October because we didn't feel that our son was meeting his full potential. We knew that he was a smart little bundle of constant energy. At his past school this was a something that was perceived as a down point. At Children's Discovery they have shown him that it is an asset. We love the teachers in his room. They great him with a genuine smile and warm "Hello" every single morning. My son is so excited to go to school each day. He is speaking in fuller sentences, reciting poems, sharing stories about school, and I know that this is all due to the excellent care and education he is being provided at Children's. My son also has severe allergies and it is so great to know that Children's is peanut free and that their in house cook takes great care to watch along with his teachers for his other allergies. His allergies have not been a problem once since he has been in care there. On top of all of this Children's provides enrichment through monthly field trips and guest teachers for special classes such as Dance and Music. My son is thriving because of the excellent care he receives here."

Hannah of St. Paul

Mother of Holden, Preschool Program

Merissa's World

"Children's Discovery Academy has provided what I call Merissa's World. As a parent when looking for child care I was not impressed with many of the facilities that I had visited, until I stopped back in to Children's Discovery Academy. My other daughter attend the Academy from toddler through school age. She is now in the 6th grade. One of the great things about Children's Discovery Academy is the staff and most of the people that were there then are still there now. They pay detailed attention to each child and ensure that the child has everything they need. I call it Merissa's World because from the moment she started at Children's Discovery Academy she loves to come and be the center of attention. She loves playing with her friends and learning new things everyday."

Jennifer of St. Paul

Mother of Merissa, Infant Program


"I think that you guys do a wonderful job with the children, I also feel you do a fantastic job making me feel involved and know what's going on with her day to day! I give you guys a 5 star rating and rave to everyone I can about Children's Discovery the staff is so friendly and the place is also kept very clean (difficult task with kids and parents)! Thank you guys for all your hard work."

Amanda of North Branch

Mother of Haydn, Preschool Program

Finally feel safe!

"My kids have been attending Vadnais Heights Children's Discovery for about 5 months now, and we finally feel like we have found a safe place for them to grow! We were recommended to try Children's Discovery by the state employees who actually license daycare centers, so they know the ins and the outs of all daycares in the state. We are so thankful that we found not only a safe environment, but also a very affordable environment for our family! Since day one, the staff has been wonderful and Kristen has been especially friendly and helpful with our family's needs! Very happy to have found this place!"

Michelle of White Bear Lake

Mother of Devon and Alex, Pre-Kindergarten and Before & After School Programs

Safest place for my kid

"I have heard real facts about few daycares where they don't treat the kids with love and affection, just do their job as a job. My kid has joined infants and he is in Toddler today. All his transitions from infants to Toddler has been so much caring and awesome. My son is very picky in eating, but the staff at CDA has shown utmost care for my kid and everyone makes sure my son eats well his lunch and snacks. The most admirable attitude that i have observed with the staffs of CDA is that they not only show love to their class kids but also to everyone in the center. this is the greatest thing i would like to thank each and every staff of CDA. Last but not the least, every staff knows the name of every kid in the center, i wonder how they can remember so many names, am bad at that. I am sure all the reviews by parents would keep them encouraged and be a stepping stone to elevate them to continue to give the best out to kids in the future as well."

Raje of Little Canada

Parent of Vinay, Toddler Program

In good hands

"We really liked the care given by the Children's Discovery. Our baby got acquainted with in a week and she likes it a lot. Stephanie in young toddler provides excellent care, one day when we went to pick our daughter, the baby was playing with Stephanie just like she plays with her mother. We are also impressed with the care given by Tessa.

Another greatest advantage we feel from CDA is the daily connect thing which provides regular updates along with photos."

Satya of Little Canada

Father of Sreshta, Young Toddler Program

The best!

"My son has been going to CDA for 2.5 years now and we love it. He has learned so much like counting in Spanish, songs, letters, colors ect. He loves going everyday and he loves his teachers. We are very happy with this child care. Its hard to find good child care and CDA is the Best!"

Amanda of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Gabriel, Preschool Program

Great place for your kids!

"I am very happy with this daycare. My child loves going there and has fun all day. Everyone is super accommodating and very helpful."

Angela of St. Paul

Mother of Josephine, Young Toddler Program

My experience

"I love Children's Discovery. The staff are very welcoming. Love the art projects they do... and the academics they teach my daughter. Through the help they showed my daughter she is becoming a smarter student... thank you.. very appreciative parent..."

Courtney of Little Canada

Mother of Sereniitty, Kindergarten Program

Great staff all around

"Each day I am greeted with a warm welcome and the environment seems very warm and welcoming to my daughter. I feel they go the extra mile to make her feel welcome and engaged.

Since her first day I have noticed a big change in her skills in every category from counting, vocabulary and imagination.


Rob of White Bear Lake

Father of Haylee Anderson, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Great school

"My child has been going to children's discovery for about a month and she is already learning a lot of new things. Teachers are great, nothing but great experiences so far."

Deona of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Dior, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Great place for learning and growing

"We enrolled our oldest daughter (10 months old at the time) in the infant room 5 years ago when we needed part time daycare due to new jobs. She moved up through the rooms and is now doing wonderfully at a public elementary school. We know that her time a Children's Discovery helped her grow academically and socially into the great learner she has become. When her little sister was born, we knew right away that we would also enroll her in Children's Discovery. We love that 5 years later we see the same smiling teachers and staff every day. It's wonderful that the staff knows our whole family -- our big girl still gets hugs when she comes with me to pick up little sister! Jill and the staff have been wonderful in accommodating part time schedules, which isn't something that most centers will do. The daily connect app is great too -- I get real-time updates on all the fun Audrey is having during my work day. We feel so fortunate we've found a great place for our little one to learn and grow!"

Sara of St. Paul

Mother of Audrey Drake, Young Toddler Program

Glad we came back with child #2

"Our first child attend Children's Discovery from infancy until entering Kindergarten. After having Holly, we tried a different center that was more convenient for my drive to work . However, we felt she was not getting the quality of care we were used to. Holly has been at CDA for about 18 months now and loves it! She really enjoys the extra program opportunities like dance and the Tumble Fun bus. She loves her teachers too - we can't say enough good things about Children's Discovery!"

Heather of Mounds View

Mother of Holly, Preschool Program

Best decision

"Before coming to CDA my son was in a not so great facility. As soon as I walked through the doors here I knew it was a great place for my child. All the teachers are very nice and are attentive to me and my child's needs. I love the daily connect e-mail I receive letting me know what my child did throughout the day. My child has learned so much from being here. He comes home everyday and talks about the great day he had and all the friends he has. This is a great fit for my child and I am grateful to have CDA as daycare for my child."

Ashley of Oakdale, MN

Mother of James, Pre-Kindergarten Program

The center has been excellent

"I am happy with the care and instruction given to my son. He is learning a lot, and is becoming more and more independent each day. Teachers are very communicative, and I highly value the Daily Connect app to monitor Griffin's day in real time. The center has been excellent at working with Griffin and his food allergies, which I appreciate."

Tina of Mahtomedi, MN

Mother of Griffin, Young Toddler Program

First Impressions

"My toddler son has been going to Children's Discovery Academy since he was 3 months old. I could not have asked for a better experience. From day 1 (8 months pregnant touring the center with the Little Canada Director, Jill) Children's Discovery has been a warm and inviting place that I have felt so good about being able to provide to my son. It is really true what they say about first impressions and that initial tour with Jill really sold it for me. I felt from her and could tell in my observations of the other classrooms and teachers, that this was a place employed with genuine loving people. Since that first experience, I have enjoyed getting to know the teachers and have especially appreciated the stories and individual updates and pictures of my son that are shared on a daily basis through the online tracker. Knowing that he is receiving individual one-on-one attention and care makes me feel good about the investment we've made at Children's Discovery. I look forward to watching Mason continue to grow at CDA through kindergarten. Thank you to Jill and all the other teachers for doing such an outstanding job of taking care of these little ones!"

Molly of Little Canada

Mother of Mason, Toddler Program

Best day care center!

"We are so pleased with Children's Discovery and our son absolutely loves it! We fully trust and feel comfortable with the quality of care that he receives, and appreciate the quality education as well. There is nothing that we are not satisfied with. I guarantee that any parent would love it as much as we do."

Rachel of White Bear Township

Mother of Jonah, Pre-Kindergarten Program

They make my day easier!

"We moved our twin girls to Children's Discovery just over a month ago. They make it easier for us as working parents because they utilize the Daily Connect app. The app allows me to see what my children are doing at any time during the day, and makes it easy for us to communicate with the teacher. They also post pictures of the girls in the app which reassures us that the girls are enjoying their day. The staff is friendly, and great with the kids. We feel as though they do a good job engaging our children. Moving the girls to Children's Discovery has taken a huge weight off our shoulders!"

Susan of Lake Elmo, MN

Mother of two children in the Young Toddler Program

The best daycare around!

"I currently have 2 children enrolled in Children's Discovery Academy. The care and education my children receive is one of the best in the area. I am often complimented about my children's verbal skills, manners, development, etc. and I attribute much of it to the quality of education they receive at Children's Discovery. The staff are easy to talk to and tailor the learning to your child's needs. I have been very happy having my children at Children's Discovery and have recommended the center to other families."

Maria of White Bear Lake

Mother of Anna and Abby, Pre-Kindergarten and Toddler Programs

Awesome Care!

"I have been taking my son here for about 5 months now and have been very happy with everything. My sons also seems to love it! They have well balanced meals and snacks, and the staff are all great. I had a problem with diaper changing and they understood and fixed their problem right away! Haven't had a problem since. My son learns so much from there. I would recommend childrens discovery to anyone needing care for a child!"

Emily of Little Canada

Mother of Noah, Toddler Program

Couldn't ask for more!

"Our son has been in the infant room and is currently in the young toddler room. We truly couldn't ask for more. As parents it is great to be assured that he's receiving great care and having fun-filled days. He learns a lot from his teachers and classmates. Everyone is really great. I could never say enough good things about Children's Discovery."

Dana of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Jackson, Young Toddler Program

A great learning environment

"It is warm and inviting. You can walk in and feel that everyone is happy to see you and your child. There is always a smile on everyone's faces.

It feels very safe. We have never, for a moment, worried about our son's safety at CDA.

His development while at CDA has been tremendous. Every day he comes home with new knowledge, vocabulary and skills that he not only remembers but is excited to share and demonstrate.

I would whole-heartedly recommend CDA to anyone looking for high-quality, affordable child care AND development. It is definitely more than a day-care center for is a second home for our son!"

John of White Bear Township, MN
Father of Ethan, Pre-Kindergarten Program

BEST Day Care Ever!

"I am the parent of a little girl who has had the great fortune of attending CDA since she was three. We had tried two previous daycares before finding CDA, and it completely changed the way we lived! We no longer had any doubts about the care she was receiving during the day. The moment we walked in the door we knew it was a quality daycare. They TRULY care about your child and make learning so much fun! She has been so happy and all the teachers she has had were AMAZING!

CDA is a VERY SPECIAL place and I am so glad we finally found them!"

Carrie of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Brielle, Pre-Kindergarten Program  

Extremely Impressed

"My 2 yr. old son attended Children's Discovery Academy in Vadnais Heights when we moved to Minnesota. I was very nervous about him attending a center - before he was at a home daycare with his grandmother - so this was his first experience in a child care institution.

As you can guess, I drove myself crazy with trying to find the perfect place for him. It seemed like I visited every daycare within the area, I saw many good ones and I saw many bad ones. I visited Children's Discovery on two occasions before I made the decision. The first visit, I met with the center's director, she was very informative, organized and thorough, which I loved. I toured the facility and met with one of the toddler teachers and was very impressed with all of their credentials and their tenure with the center. By the end of my search, I had Children's Discovery and another center as my final two and de cided to visit each of them again to help choose one. On the 2nd visit to Children's Discovery, I had the opportunity to watch the toddler class and see how the teachers interacted with their class. I was so impressed with the structured, yet caring environment they created for the toddlers that I didn't even bother going to see the other center again - I enrolled him that day.

I made the best decision because my son loved his teachers and this school and they loved him! They were so helpful with his potty training, kept him learning and exploring, very attentive to his needs and most importantly, always kept me informed. I was very, very sad to move out of the area and take him out of the daycare. This was hands-down the best child center experience I've had. If you're looking for a place where learning meets care, this is it!"

Ariole of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Zaire, Toddler Program 

It was evident the classroom teachers care about the children.

"Before enrolling Bella in Children's Discovery Academy, Bella was in an at home facility. Choosing to move Bella from the at-home day-care we loved was difficult; I knew she was comfortable, safe and cared for. When Bella turned three I knew she needed to be more academically and socially engaged. It was important to me for Bella to feel cared for, academically challenged, and safe. I looked at all my options including community preschools, Montessori, Children's Discovery Academy and more. It wasn't long before I knew Children's Discovery Academy was the right choice for Bella. After we toured the facility Bella couldn't stop talking about the new school. She especially liked the indoor gym and I liked the staff. It was evident the classroom teachers cared about the children and wanted to see them succeed."

Samantha of White Bear Lake
Mother of Bella, Pre-Kindergarten Program

I'm constantly impressed

"You know that your children love their daycare when they request their Saturday to be "just like school"! They enjoy craft time, free play, reading, group time, field trips and much more. I am constantly impressed by the facts that both my preschooler and school age children share with us after spending the day at CDA. My preschooler loves to mimic her teachers - often sharing the "Theme of the Week" or "Book of the Week" with her younger sister. All the teachers do an excellent job of educating the children and caring for them. We attended two other daycare centers before finally switching to CDA and have never regreted the decision. I only wish we had started there from the beginning! We've attended both the Vadnais Heights and Little Canada centers and highly recommend both."

Alison of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Isla, Iris and Gus; Infant, Preschool and School-Age Programs  

He loves going every day!

"Benny has been attending Children's Discovery since he was an infant. He's now 16 months, and he loves going every day! He's just recently learned how to shake his head yes, and every morning we ask him if he wants to go to school, and he shakes his head :-)

An added bonus is that we get ideas for fun things for him at home based on what he's enjoying there - He loves art, so we got him the same art daubers that he uses at school and he loves them! He also loves playing in the tunnel in the gym, so we got a fun pop-up tunnel at home that he plays with all the time."

Erin of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Benny, Young Toddler Program 

The teachers truly care about each child

"Katie has been attending Children's Discovery Infant room for several months. I've been amazed at how much Katie has progressed during her time there. The teachers truly care about each child and give them each the attention they need. Thank you Children's Discovery!"

Kim of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Katie, Infant Program  

CDA is great!

"I always feel good about dropping off my son at CDA. The teachers are great and always comfort him if he is upset. I know that he will have fun during the day doing art projects, reading stories, and a multitude of other activities. I would highly recommend CDA to any parent. It's a great place!!"

Eric of Shoreview, MN
Father of Grant, Toddler Program  

Super kid-friendly curriculum.

"Samuel began at CDA when he was 1 year-old. He is now 2 and is so much more advanced than other 2-year olds that we meet. The CDA teachers provide him with an advanced education that I know will set him up for future success. Samuel comes home and talks about all the friends he has made and about his favorite teachers and is excited to go back to school on Monday mornings. We are thrilled with CDA and would recommend them to anyone looking for a school with a fun, educational and super kid-friendly curriculum."

Laura of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Samuel, Toddler Program  

Perfectly Pleased!

"As a single mother who also works full time, my greatest desire is for my son to experience a safe and healthy environment with qualified teachers and care-providers who will educate, challenge, discipline, love and play with him the same way I would if I were there. I've found this at Children's Discovery! My son enrolled with Children's Discovery at the age of 18 months and I've seen him grow leaps and bounds in his language skills and cognitive development. The teachers are passionate educators who bring creativity and fun to the learning curriculum. Kaiden clearly enjoys his time at CD; he is eager to join his friends when I drop him off and he is always playing so contently when I pick him up. I would recommend Children's Discovery to every parent I know; it's an investment in my son's future that I truly value and will continue to work hard to provide for him."

Kelli of Hugo, MN
Mother of Kaiden, Toddler Program  

Amazing Experience

"Our first experience with Children's Discovery was amazing! We knew right away when we toured the Little Canada Center that this was the place for our daughter to be. The main decision to enroll Gretchen was that I went back to work after being a stay at home mom for 2 years. What impressed me was how encouraging the staff was for me and our daughter during the transition, they were amazing! My husband and I have noticed that Gretchen has flourished while being CDA, we have noticed a dramatic change in how she is more expressive and increased her vocabulary. The staff comes up with great activities that Gretchen tells us all about, and she gets excited for what the next week holds. I can't say enough how great the staff has been, anytime something has come up they are always helpful in getting things taken care of. Also, I was impressed how much the staff interacts with the parents to make sure things are consistent with the children . Anytime Gretchen has been sick the staff was extremely prompt in notifying me and did an amazing job of keeping Gretchen comfortable. I know when I drop Gretchen off that I don't need to worry about the care she receives because the staff has just completely impressed me with how they conduct themselves. Overall I would recommend Children's Discovery Academy to anyone who is looking for a daycare provider. Keep up the great work!"

Megan of Vadnais Heights
Mother of Gretchen, Toddler Program  

It's a really great place!!!

"I researched many day-cares before choosing Children's Discovery. My son has been there for about a year and a half and I am very pleased with everything there. The staff is nice, and they do so many fun things with the children. My son loves going and loves all the staff. My other son goes to the school-age summer program when he is out of school and they also fill the kids days full of fun activities. I would recommend any parent to bring their child to Children's Discovery. It really is a great place!!!"

Amanda of Vadnais Heights
Mother of Gabriel, Toddler Program  

My daughters are in amazing hands.

"Moving back to Minnesota was something my husband and I were looking forward to. We were so excited to be close to our family and friends after being away for 5 years. We just had our 2nd child and were looking for something for her and our oldest daughter who is 2 years old. She had been in daycare since she was 6 weeks old and I was hoping to find something that I could bring the girls to and not have to worry while I was at work. Also something flexible for my schedule. I had toured many facilities and nothing compared to the impression I got when I walked into CDA. Jill (the director) gave me such a personalized tour throughout the entire building explaining everything from the girls' schedules, meals, security, curriculum and much more. I wasn't treated like "just a number" as I had been at other places. She listened to my questions no matter how many times she had heard them before and didn't make me feel bad no matter how silly she may have thought my questions were. It was such a pleasant surprise to feel instantly comfortable at a place my kids would spend a lot of time.

Now that we have been here I can see my oldest daughter walk in to her class with such excitement- it is the first thing she talks about when she wakes up and doesn't stop talking about all the activities she did all the way home. Her teachers are great at keeping me up to date on what they are doing and seem to really care about her. The weekly newsletters are such a great way for my family to be involved as well- its fun to know what she is learning about every week. The infant teachers are so caring and never once did I question leaving my 2 month old there. I feel that she is always in safe arms and they are willing to customize her schedule to her and not just what is convenient for them- since I know my daughter is a finicky eater. I would highly recommend CDA to anyone from infant all the way up to kindergarten. The fact that these teachers have been there for a while was truly a selling point as well- they have all been there such a long time that I know my daughters are in amazing hands."

Brittany of St. Paul
Mother of Amelia and Aria, Infant and Toddler Program

Best Daycare Available!

"My husband and I began our search for a daycare provider prior to our daughter's birth. We toured at least a dozen daycare centers. The moment we arrived at Children's Discovery, we knew it was the place for us! Everyone was so friendly, the building is bright and clean, and the children seem happy and content! The infant room sold us, all of the babies were playing, talking, crawling around, they are all so happy! Dawn and her team are amazing - you can feel the genuine adoration these ladies have for the kiddos! I would absolutely recommend Children's Discovery to anyone looking for exceptional care for their children."

Sarah of Maplewood
Mother of Clara, Infant Program  

Works with my schedule.

"When I was looking for a center I was looking at cost and scheduling. Children's Discovery is great with my part-time schedule. I can go as many or as few days a week as I want and don't have to pay for the whole day. Part-time is less than 5 hours a day. I can also vary which days I'm there and can add on extra days as needed. A lot of centers in the area make you pay for the whole day, part-time there just means less than 5 days a week. A great deal and very convenient for my family."

Jenny of Hugo
Mother of Aiden, Toddler Program  

We referred Children's Discovery to our friends.

"When we are taking the tour in Children's Discovery my kid was impressed by story telling in toddler room. From that day onwards she was asked her dad to join your Academy.

She likes the school. we are also sending our kid happily, because we try some other school before sending her to Children's Discovery. Almost She cries every day we felt so bad.

The teachers and your education (way of teaching) things are good. The staff is nice.

We referred Children's Discovery to our friends."

Srivani of Little Canada
Mother of Akshara


"I'm the parent of twins and want to express the difficulty in finding flexibility regarding daycare with my children.  Children's Discovery Academy has been very accommodating with this issue and the staff are very personable and friendly."

Tim of Ramsey
Father of Chloe and Allie, Toddler Program  

The best decision for our child!

"We moved our son, Jonah, from his last daycare center because he was clearly not happy there. We chose Children's Discovery Academy because it seemed to have the most "heart", starting at the top with Marty, and then trickling down to the directors and teachers. There are many things that we love about it, from the nutritious meals and snacks and on-site cook, to the indoor gym, to the quality education with Bachelors level teachers. Jonah was like a different kid after making the move, and we knew it was the right decision. He loves it at Children's Discovery and we love it too! I would highly recommend it!"

Rachel of White Bear Township
Mother of Jonah, Pre-Kindergarten Program  

The best place

"2012 days ago – just over 5 ½ years, Ed and I dropped off a 7 week old boy at Children’s Discovery – placing him into your hands for daily care and teaching. I can honestly say that day no tears were shed as I knew he was in the excellent care of Dawn and her staff. After much cuddling time which he enjoyed, tummy time (that he really didn’t enjoy :) ) , helmet wearing (check out the nice round head) and daily fun he moved up to the toddler room with Lindsey, Colleen, and Rachel. I still honestly don’t know how you get 18 month olds to stay on that cot and take naps, but of course you do.

The toddler room provided a great learning atmosphere, from learning how to talk, ABCs, 123s, and all the way through potty training with a few bumps and bruises along the way. I think his favorite days were in the summer when the older kids were on field trips and they got to play in the “big playground”. I still remember finding out he was hiding matchbox cars so that when the baby dolls came out he didn’t have to play with them. :)

Preschool came next – he will still say Michelle was his favorite teacher (sorry to all the others). He started reading, writing and math there with the patient teaching of Michelle and Danielle. He started going on field trips, swimming lessons and soccer. He enjoyed his first bus ride there also.

Last summer he entered Prekindergarten with Darci and Brittnee. He will admit that he didn’t like having to do more learning and less “playing” but ultimately he had another great year. More field trips and new friends along the way.

Finding out what was for lunch, made with love from Holly, was always important every morning. Tacos, chicken and gravy and mashed potatoes were the best (fish sticks and peas not so much).

Book fairs always made a long week for mom and dad trying to pick him up and make it out the door without buying too many books every day.

I can honestly say that I never had a day of work that I spent worried about how Jack was doing as I knew he was in all of your capable hands. Seeing his smile at the end of the day and being told “can you come back later so I can stay and play?” provided me with the comfort of knowing he was in the best place. As I wrote out the last check, he saw my tears and asked why I was crying and I said, “just because”, being Jack he replied “I know, I am growing up”. Yes, he did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you. You all hold a dear place in my heart. I met many teachers, parents and students. I am so glad that you all love to do what you do, and you all do it fabulous and you can see it every day. You don’t get the recognition that you deserve so I want you to know that if he ever makes it big, I will make sure he includes a thanks to Children’s Discovery for giving him the foundation he needed to make it big. :)

Keep up that great work and if you ever need a quote from a happy family you know that we would be glad to provide it."

Gina of White Bear Lake
Mother of Jack, Pre-Kindergarten Program 

We cannot speak hightly enough of the infant teachers

"Claire is our first child and as most new parents are, my husband and I were very nervous about selecting a day care. We are so lucky we found CDA! It was the only place we walked out of during our selection process and felt 100% comfortable with the care our child would receive. From the start, the infant teachers asked what our daughter's (and our) needs were. The worked with our feeding and napping schedule during the early stages. Often times, they were the first ones to notice Claire's needs were changing and suggest changes to allow her to transition flawlessly.

As Claire, did her (and our) love for CDA. She has flourished in growth and developement (according to her pediatrician)-she has met all of her developmental milestones at or before she should. We truly believe it is from the exceptional care she receives day in and day out. She learns from the teachers and other children in her class. Every morning, we drop off a very excited child and each evening pick up a content (often exhausted) child. Exhausted because she is constantly learning throughout the day-reading, music, art, gym time, wagon or stroller rides, sign language, feeding herself, drinking out of cups-do I need to go on? Her daily report card is full of the fun activities and her accomplishments.

We cannot speak highly enough of the infant teachers and assistants. CDA has made it such an easy process for two professional parents to leave the first child each day. We will be moving soon but have chosen to keep Claire at CDA. We couldn't imagine pulling her out of an environment that has helped us as parents raise a very well rounded and loved child...thank you CDA!"

Kim of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Claire, Infant Program  

The teachers and staff at Children's Discovery Academy are awesome!

"I had a bit of a nostalgia moment when I first walked into Children’s Discovery – Little Canada. It reminded me of the school that I went to as a child. It had a familiar, cozy feeling to it, like from a small town where everyone knows everyone & looked out for each other… A real family atmosphere!

Honestly, we didn’t look anywhere else. This was our first/only school we toured. It just felt right! My son’s learning (ie: speech, cognitive skills) … I feel he is further ahead than some of his playmates outside of CDA. They are also very accommodating to our schedule – our son goes part time,– but at CDA he enjoys a consistent schedule while he is there that is full of engaging activities to help him learn, be creative & have fun!

He talks about playing with his friends; he loves his computer class, and gets very excited about field trips or other special activities. He was also very excited to be Star of the Week: sharing his poster with the class & bring in extra treats. Oddly enough, he also enjoys doing his “homework”… these are valuable habits to start establishing for his future. They have a fun filled, well rounded curriculum that allows the kids to work on art, speech, large & small motor skills + have free play time. I enjoy the weekly newsletter to know his daily activities to try to have dinnertime conversations with my son about his day.

I have no concerns about safety; the staff is well trained in first aid & all certified in CPR. They also practice tornado & fire drills – they are prepared for anything + the student teacher ratio is closely monitored so that the kids get the attention they need. The teachers and staff at Children's Discovery Academy are awesome! They are a very caring group. I really like the fact that ALL teachers, aids & staff at CDA know my son, not just his classroom teachers. I have recommended CDA for my Niece – she’s in the infant room at VH."

Karla of Shoreview, MN
Mother of Anders, Preschool Program  

I could tell that this was a warm, loving, caring environment

"My grand daughter Leah is a student at Children's Discovery in Little Canada. On the first visit/tour, I could tell that this was a warm, loving, caring environment. The people who took us on the tour were so helpful. They answered our many questions and conveyed a very happy, friendly attitude toward all the children we encountered. They seemed to know each child by name.

My daughter and I were so impressed by how quiet it was. All the toddlers were sitting at a child-sized table having a snack. There was no spilling, no crying and no whining. Each child had a toddler sized cup and were holding it with 2 hands. This seemed remarkable.

We toured the gym also. The children were able to use the large muscle group toys like the slide and the bouncy balls. The floor was soft and padded so there was no concern if they fell.

We observed some of the kids playing outside. There were approximately 20 - 25 kids outside, and there were many teachers or helpers playing with them. We could see that the supervision was outstanding. The kids all were happy, laughing and playing with their friends. There was no crying and every child was attended to.

I also observed the snacks that were being served. This day, they had orange sections and crackers and cheese and milk. It appears that a healthy diet is also very important.

My daughter had concerns about Leah taking a nap on a cot since at home she was still in a crib. Two of the teachers took the time to explain to us how they handle this. They said that usually the children are tired and ready for a rest at nap time. They put on soft music, turn the lights down and make it a restful atmosphere for everyone. If one of the kids simply will not fall asleep, one of the teachers said they often will rub their backs and quietly sit by their cot. Soon they drift off because they see the other kids sleeping. This day, there was a fairly new student who was arranging his blanket and teddy bear even before the rest of the kids were ready for nap, because he already knew that this was his nap time. This really impressed me.

One thing that my daughter and I both like is the personal attention from everyone. I often drop Leah off and it seems that everyone of the teachers or aides know Leah and which room she should go to. If she cries when I leave, her teacher Cassie always has a way to comfort her. Cassie is the best. She is a great communicator also. Each day she sends home a sheet telling Leah's parents what songs they sang, what crafts they worked on, how long she slept, any concerns they have, and if she needs anything - like diapers or wipes. It is so reassuring to know that my grand daughter is being so well cared for when she is in the care of Children's Discovery. She has already learned so much and become much more social.

I highly recommend Children's Discovery. It is by far the best child care school I have encountered."

Chris of Little Canada
Grandfather of Leah, Toddler Program  

I highly recommend Children's Discovery Academy to everyone!

"Children’s Discovery Academy offers a clean, warm, friendly environment the moment you walk in the door.  Every morning all the children are individually greeted and staff looks genuinely excited to see them which makes the children feel very welcomed each day. The immediate warm welcome we received during our initial tour was inviting.  Seeing the children and staff interact so well together, along with the clean environment, are some of the reasons we chose to enroll at Children’s Discovery.  I love that Children’s Discovery has an indoor gym for the kids to use.  It allows them to burn off energy and work on those gross motor skills.  Many child care facilities do not have indoor play spaces for kids.

The staff is wonderful!  They recognize each child and family is unique and they are very accommodating to individual situations.  They never complain or criticize parents for the way they choose to raise their children, instead they partner with the parents.

Our three children love everything about Children’s Discovery.  They especially enjoy the special activities that include the annual bike parade, super jump, pajama days, book fairs and field trips.  My ten-year-old says she never wants to leave and intends to return to Children’s Discovery as a staff member when she is old enough, as one of her teachers did.

Having two children attend Children’s Discovery Academy from infant – kindergarten, I found they were very well prepared, both academically and socially, to enter elementary school.  In some cases, they were so well adjusted and ready for the next step, they were able to help some of their new friends through the process.

The children have so much fun at Children’s Discover Academy!  They are excited to get there in the morning and I have a difficult time getting them to leave at night.  It is a great feeling each morning walking out of the building knowing my children are happy, safe and well cared for.

We left our first daycare because of a number of safety concerns.  It is a horrible feeling to go to work with the fear that something could happen to your child.  Since enrolling at Children’s Discover Academy, I no longer have any fears.  I go to work with the confidence that my children are safe, loved and well cared for.

All of the staff (not just teachers) at Children’s Discovery Academy are warm and friendly.  Many of them feel more like family and close friends than “staff at our daycare.”   My two-year-old has the same teacher my ten-year-old did when she was a toddler. This is the norm at Children’s Discovery, not the exception.  In a field that is known for constant staff changes, I think it says a lot about the staff, and the business, when so many have such longevity.  It is also great that the children are able to form and maintain bonds with the staff.  There is a mutual respect shown.  These things cannot happen if the staff is always changing.

I highly recommend Children’s Discovery Academy to everyone!"

Lisa of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Anthony, Kyle and Allison; Toddler and Before & After School Programs  

Great for infant development

"When my husband and I walked into Children’s Discovery before we had our first child we were welcomed warmly. It was nice to see a school-like environment, where children were actively engaged in learning and playing.

We decided to enroll Addison in Children’s Discovery because it offered individualized attention and enriching programs and curriculum. We also love that they have been very flexible with planning Addison’s care with our work schedules that are ever changing.

Addison loves the teachers and activities that she gets to participate in at Children’s Discovery. When she is dropped off she is always smiling and excited to join in the play with the other children. When we come and pick her up she will often make a beeline for the gym before we are able to get her out the door!

The teachers at Children’s Discovery have great insight into what Addison is interested in and how they can help promote her development. They are eager to share helpful information with us, and as first time parents they have been a great resource to go to when we have had questions about parenting!

We know that Addison is in good hands when we drop her off, and know that she is getting stimulated and an opportunity to grow and learn through sensory activities, movement, and music each day. We would recommend Children’s Discovery to any first-time parents or parents of infants that are looking for a daycare that focuses on the individual needs of each child and encourages growth and development across all areas of development."

Jessica of Woodbury
Mother of Addison, Infant Program  

Sophia absolutely loves it!

"Sophia is my granddaughter and has been attending Children's Discovery for approximately a year. I have visited Children's Discovery numerous times over the past year as well as just recently joining them on a field trip for Halloween.

My granddaughter, Sophia, is by far one of the most precious gifts in my life.....and because of that, I make a strong effort to be very involved in her life. Of the utmost importance to me is knowing that she is in a safe; loving; stimulating; secure environment when she is not able to be with her Mommy, who is a single parent.

I have always been leary of "daycare centers" because my Mom ran a "home daycare" for 30 years and I ran a "home daycare" for 2 years. I always had a negative mindset about daycare centers..... I have to admit that I have been so very impressed by what I have experienced with Children's Discovery. Sophia absolutely loves it! The facility and classrooms are bright; cheerful; educational; stimulating; and fun. The teachers are personable; kind; loving; safe; helpful; insightful; patient and professional. They motivate the children to learn; they are continually interacting with them on various levels; they instill kindness and respect in their interactions with them; they foster love!

What more could you ask for in "those very important caregivers" then to know that they are providing a loving environment for the children of our future. Children's Discovery is a "blessing" for parents.......I am incredibly thankful that we discovered them......Sophia is thriving daily in their care when her Mommy has to be away at work. Thank you."

Kim of New Brighton
Grandmother of Sophia, Preschool Program  

My 3 y/o is flourishing!

"We were placed in a situation where our friend whom was caring for our children decided to go back to work, and we needed to find full-time child care for our 2 children, 3 & 5 y/o. I was very uneasy about leaving my 3 y/o in a strange home without the 5 y/o there to tell me what was happening - we have had 2 other very bad experiences with in home day cares, from children being left alone without any adult in the house, to loosing my child in the mall whole the provider was shoe shopping, to 3y/o kids (mine one of them) being left outside in an un-fenced yard without an adult, amongst other things. So we started looking at centers.

I looked into Children's Discovery Academy, but was unsure if we could afford it. We looked at several other centers as well, the cost was basically the same. I called Children's Discovery Academy back and asked more questions. The biggest plus for me was that they would bus my 5 y/o to St. John 's catholic school, one of the other centers would bus to St. John's. We did not want to separate the kids. I talked with a Jill several times, and was welcome to come in at my convenience to take a tour (not so at many of the other places). I stopped by that evening. I was very pleasantly surprised with the care and set-up they provided. All of the employees were very friendly and helpful. The classes were under great control, with a lot of respect and kindness.

Now that my kids are attending the Academy, I am even more pleased!!! My 3y/o is flourishing! And she LOVES it!!! The communication is great, if I need anything they get the info for me right away. Even if they do not have an immediate answer, they get back to me within 24 hrs. The people are wonderful, helpful, friendly, kind, and amazing! Both of my kids love the teachers, and many times when I come to pick them up they do not want to leave.

Oh, I forgot to mention, they were very helpful in helping me get the busing of my 5 y/o set up. And on they updated me to let me know that the bus driver got out of the bus, talked to them and my daughter to help her understand what to do for that morning and the afternoon.

I am so VERY PLEASED and happy with the care and education my children are receiving at Children's Discovery Academy."

Angela of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Anna and Amelia, Preschool and Before & After School Programs  

I had a great feeling about CDA

"When my job moved from Minneapolis to St. Paul, I begrudgingly had to begin the search for new daycare for my infant and toddler. We absolutely loved their daycare in Minneapolis, and the prospect of finding new child care was daunting, to put it mildly. The task got even more daunting when I started calling and visiting daycare centers. I had gotten so discouraged by what I was finding that I even considered not transferring to St. Paul, even though that would have meant continuing my long commute and giving up time with my family. Then I found CDA.

From my very first telephone conversation with Jill, I had a great feeling about CDA. When I visited, I knew almost instantly that I'd found a good fit. Unprompted, two parents who were picking up their children stopped me and told me what a great place CDA is. Having been at CDA now for a year and one-half, I do the same thing when I run into prospective parents.

I love that CDA is in a former elementary school such that it feels like a school, not just a daycare. There is great communication with the teachers and the administration, and my kids are learning a lot. But best of all, they are happy. I can't give any higher praise than simply saying that I feel comfortable with my children in CDA's care, and I do."

Lisa of North St. Paul, MN
Mother of Jack and Julia, Toddler & Preschool Programs  

Two Happy Kids = Two Happy Parents

"Our children have been attending CDA since Fall of 2008 and we've never looked back. For us, it was an easy choice since it's a very convenient location, but also because we'd heard wonderful comments from others. Everyday we feel comfortable as we leave them in the hands of the staff and teachers and they are always friendly and helpful. They have helped our children through potty training up to the transition of heading off to Kindergarten. The center has provided them a comfortable place to learn and explore and we have all made friends with other children and families. Whenever we have had a question they have offered assistance and followed up to make sure everything was going well. It's not easy parenting, and it's been great to have others help and guide us through these years. We have taken advantage of the summer program for our older child and she has loved attending and the field trips were amazing. We love the fact that the kids get to go on field trips and also enjoy in-house activities. I highly recommend CDA to others and we will be very sad when our time here is done."

Mara of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Sean and Jenna, Pre-Kindergarten and Before & After School Programs  

Couldn't be happier here!

"My husband and I realized we couldn't afford our daycare at the time when we discovered we were pregnant with baby #2. We started looking for a new center, which was difficult as we couldn't have been happier at our previous center. We were impressed with Children's Discovery from the first few minutes of the tour. By the end of the tour we knew Children's Discovery was for us. The teachers and aides were all enthused and engaged with the children, the classrooms were large, clean, and welcoming and the cook's homemade cooking scented the halls with a delicious aroma.

Our oldest son is in the toddler room now and he has fluorished socially and developmentally. His teachers give us a detailed report of the day when we pick him up, and many times he is so engaged with the teachers and his friends he is not in a hurry to come home. The center has a family atmosphere. The director knows every child by name and knows details about our son's personality, likes, and dislikes. She is open to suggestions and parent feedback. His teachers are obviously well educated and passionate about childcare. The center has many fun extras such as music and tumbling classes in addition to special days including grandparents day and Santa Claus visiting the center. We look forward to sending our second son to the infant room because we had a wonderful experience with our first son. We have incredible peace of mind knowing our children are cared for at Children's Discovery while we are at work."

Lisa of St. Paul, MN
Mother of Anton, Toddler Program  

Children's Discovery is a great place to learn and grow

"We decided to bring our first child to Children’s Discovery when she was only 3 months old. The infant room had a warm and cozy environment. The teachers greeted us with smiling faces and our daughter was well cared for there.

Our child has since graduated to the toddler room and is enjoying her time there. There are wonderful educational opportunities and well as lots of fun, creative activities where the children learn and grow. We continue to be greeted with smiling faces both from the staff and the children. We couldn't be happier with the care she gets at Children's Discovery!"

Maria of White Bear Township
Mother of Anna, Toddler Program  

2nd to none

"My wife and I discovered Children's Discovery 7 years ago after it was recommended by a co-worker. The friendly and caring staff, nurturing learning environment, in-house enrichment programs (i.e. Dance, computer, music, Spanish, Tumble Fun Bus, and field trips), and all-day kindergarten were all reasons why we chose Children's Discovery. The care and education that our daughters have received has been 2nd to none. They each received a solid foundation from which to build their education's from. They love going to school at Children's Discovery, we have loved taking them to Children's Discovery to learn and spend time with their friends. It was the best decision that we made for our two daughters."

Brandon of Fridley
Father of Erin, Kindergarten Program  


"Our family is so impressed with Children's Discovery. From the moment we first got in touch with them until today we have been treated wonderfully and with such quick responses. We love everything about it from the food selection to how engaged the staff is with our daughter. We trust that she is in good hands throughout the day and highly recommend anyone to bring their children there. The staff is knowledgeable, accessible and it shows that they really love working and teaching kids. Our daughter enjoys going to school, she talks about all the things she is learning and the good food she eats. I am jealous of all the great meals and snacks they have and I which I could go there. The kids always look like they are having a great time while there. Keep up the great work Childrens Discovery...we think you are AWESOME!!!"

Carrie of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Isabelle, Preschool Program  

He is in loving hands

"Our son has now been at Children's Discovery for two years. He has grown tremendously socially and academically in his time at CD. He has made such a connection with all of his teachers, so much so that when we leave at the end of every day we have to visit each classroom on the way out so that he can say goodbye to all of his favorite teachers.

As parents, we feel confident that when we leave our son to go to the office he is in loving hands, hands that care about him about as much as we do. He is in a safe, structured and educational environment and is nurtured throughout the day until we can be with him again."

Sara of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Jackson, Pre-Kindergarten Program  


"My children have attended Children's Discovery since they were babies. Friendship!! My children are still friends with children they went to toddlers or preschool with. They moved on to different schools but yet remain friends. My son moved on to elementry school a bit leary of what would happen, when he saw his friends from Children's Discovery everything was o.k.
In having these friendships, I feel that my children have more confidence and a fun outlook on life. Thank you Children's Discovery."

Lauri of Hugo, MN
Mother of Jack & Lucy, Before & After School Program  

So worth it...

"Our son Landon has been going to Children's Discovery since July 2011 and he love it there. He has been coming home singing different songs and even counting in Spanish... He only goes there 2 days a week and we can already see the results right away. He also loves his teacher Michelle, she really had an interest on him. She cared about Landon and his interests. We actually were thinking putting Landon more days too because of it. It's so worth the money, and you can't put a price on good education..:)"

Denny & Lia of White Bear Lake, MN
Father and Mother of Landon, Preschool Program  

Well structured programs

"We love Children's Discovery because of how well structured the programs are. Programming is excellent and teachers/staff maintain good communication with parents. Our son and daughter love CD. They have made wonderful friends and come home with new knowledge every day!"

Beth of St. Paul, MN
Mother of Micah & Greta, Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Program

Very Happy

"I am very happy with Children's Discovery Academy. My son comes to before and after daycare and he loves it. He would rather stay in daycare then go to school. That's how I know he is very comfortable here. I love the timing is very flexible for my schedule and the teachers and staff are very professional. This is one reason I don't want to move from Little Canada. I recommend this to all busy parents. This gives me the peace of mind that my son is in good hands."

Claudia of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Jafet, School Age Program

The Kindergarten program exceeded our expectations

"My two children have been with Children's Discovery since they were just a few months old...and I wouldn't have it any other way. The staff is caring, the environment enriching, and most importantly, our kids come home happy. But its more than just a loving place...Children's Discovery, and it's wonderful teaching team, provides educational opportunities and challenges which have resulted in our kids demonstrating skills that far exceed our expectation.

My son attended Kindergarten at the Little Canada location last year. This year he's attending public school and I'm amazed in the difference between the programs! He's by far the best reader and has the strongest math skills of any one in the class and his new teacher continues to be impressed with the skills he brings to the classroom.

Children's Discovery not only gives me, and my husband, peace of mind that our children are well taken care of, but the staff is dedicated to making sure they enjoy themselves, and learn a little something along the way. I recommend Children's to anyone who's searching for high quality care."

Kim of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Lily & Quinn Preschool & School Age Programs

Can't imagine my kids going anywhere else!

"Every day when I drop my boys off I think that I can't imagine bringing them anywhere else! First and foremost you want your babies to be supremely well-cared for and loved, and that's exactly what the infant room at Children's Discovery is all about. The toddler room brings that same level of care plus the learning that is crucial to this child development stage. I truly think of Children's Discovery as part of my family. The infant teachers ask about my toddler, and the toddler teachers know all about my infant. The fact that the staff functions so well as a team is absolute confirmation that my family is at the right place!"

Becky of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Max and Jake, Infant and Toddler Programs

The best choice for our daughter

"After looking at several Kindergarten classrooms in our area, we knew that Children's Discovery was by far the best choice for our daughter. The teacher to student ratio is excellent, the curriculum engaging and high-quality, and our daughter felt an immediate sense of belonging and friendship with her classmates. We highly recommend CDA's Kindergarten program and know that our child is working to her best and brightest potential."

Adina of Oakdale, MN
Mother of Ella Kindergarten Program

Investment into your child's future

"We believe that quality early childhood education has a significant impact on the child's growth and development.

After researching all child care options in the area, we made an easy decision to place our son into the caring hands of CDA teachers. Our son is ahead of all developmental milestones, and we have no doubts that CDA has significantly contributed to that.

We have certainly made the right decision!"

Arina of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Gabriel, Infant Program

Why we stay

"We have been at Children's Discovery since September 2009 and just love how our son is treated. It feels like his teachers are more like extended family because anytime Ethan gets sick they are as concerned as we are. They snuggle and give fantastic attention to make sure mornings go smoothly, especially when your little one isn't themselves. I recommend Children's Discovery to anyone who wants to always know their children are cared for and cared about each minute your have to be away from them. Thank you for all you do for my kid and all the kids!!"

Kelly of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Ethan, Toddler Program

So happy and relieved!

"My husband and I had spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to find a great daycare for our now three year old. She attended two other daycares before we finally came across CDA. We knew immediately that this was the place for her! The staff couldn't have been nicer and they treated our daughter the way we felt she should be treated--like the special little girl that she is!

The staff truly care about the kids and you can tell by the way the kids interact with the teachers and staff--they LOVE them! Now my child, who never wanted to be left at daycare, and ran to us when we came to pick her up-doesn't want to leave?! It's a great problem to have!

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that this is a place where your child is celebrated for who they are--only grandma's house could be better!"

Carrie of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Brielle, Preschool Program

The right fit

"When I started to look for a place for my children I visited many centers. I was first impressed by when I called for an appointment to tour Andrea told me not to make an appointment but just drop in. You get a real appreciation for how comfortable they are with their center.

When I did drop in the toddler room was in the gym and I was so impressed by the staff being right on the floor and playing with the kids and not just supervising. You could tell there was mutual love between the kids and the staff. I felt comfortable right away! The programs are wonderful and the turn over is so low. People that cared for my son are now caring for my daughter.

I had also glowing reviews from people who I work with who had their children here years ago and now I am giving glowing recommendations!"

Lori of Lino Lakes, MN
Mother of Elizabeth & Will, Toddler and School Age Programs

CDA program goes above and beyond

"I would highly recommend the summer program at Vadnais Heights. Compared to the two other daycare center programs we have attended, the CDA program goes above and beyond. The summer program includes numerous field trips and weekly activities for the child. There is something to look forward to each week and keep the children interested. The activities and themes are educational and appropriate for all age groups. My child enjoyed the field trips the most and is looking forward to attending more this summer! As a parent, we really appreciate the ability to send out children to swimming lessons during the school day and having transportation provided by the center. This is a fabulous benefit and our child loves attending swimming lessons with the kids he knows from school. We are looking forward to another exciting summer with CDA!."

Alison of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Gus, Pre-Kindergarten Program and Iris, Toddler Program

We know they are safe

"Both of our children really enjoyed the summer program at Children's Discovery. The staff is great! It is structured for plenty of summer learning while still allowing plenty of time to let them have fun just being kids. I'm so glad to have such a great place where we can bring them and know they are safe, having fun, and continuing in their learning experiences.."

Dave of Cottage Grove, MN
Father of Mason, School Age Program and Julia, Preschool Program

Anonymous Comments From Our Parent Survey

"We looked at many day care centers. Children's Discovery seemed to "feel right" for us. The teachers seemed very engaging and professional. We also really liked the educational activities and programs offered by the center."

"I felt welcomed into the center from the first day I took a tour! It was warm and inviting. I immediately felt at ease about leaving my child in your care."

"The school is clean and the teachers are professional. Most important - I feel safe with my son at this school."

"When deciding where to go for kindergarten, I was excited to learn all the "extras" included at Children's Discovery compared to the school district. A lot of the course work done at the public school is stuff my child learned in pre-kindergarten at Children's Discovery which was a huge factor in our selection process."

"We've had both of our daughters enrolled at Children's Discovery for the last 5 years. We're very impressed with the overall education that both have received while attending the school."

"I love bringing my daughter to the center! I know she is going to be safe and taken good care of all day. All of the staff is very kind!!!"

I never have to worry

"My daughter is entering the third grade and it is wonderful that the bus picks her up and drops her off right at Children's Discovery. She never has to stand outside in bad weather and I never have to worry about how long she is waiting or what may happen while she is waiting for the bus. Everyday and adult walks the kids from the center to the bus steps and meets them at the bus steps each night. During the rare instance when there are school transportation problems, the staff at the center are on the phone with the transportation company quickly resolving the issue. If a child does not get off the bus as expected, the staff are immediately on the phone to contact the parent before the bus is even a block away!"

Lisa of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Allison, School Age Program

This is not just a day care center...

"This is not just a day care center. Let's be honest, this is a 2nd home for our child.

He has spent more time there than at our home. As a working parent, we need to be reassured that our child will be comfortable when he is away from us.

The staff are very caring, very alert to any problems (one of them actually suggested that our son had asthma - and she was right!), nurturing, fun, calm, bright and loving. In addition to just taking care of our child, they actually teach them things. They expand on common knowledge - enough that our child was ahead of his first grade class after completing private kindergarten. It was not detrimental to his learning but actually stimulating to him.

In addition to that, the meals and snacks provided are nutritious and very good tasting. (Yes, I have sampled some of them.) The menus are provided in advance which makes it easy for us to substitute if something isn't in his favorite list.

And how wonderful is it that our child can have before and after school care at Children's Discovery - the school bus picks him up and drops him off there every school day.

This is our last year of having our child at Children's Discovery. We will all miss the companionship of the staff and of the other children. We've made some very good friends there. The fees are very competitive and fair.

We would recommend Children's Discovery most whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for child care."

Nancy of Saint Paul, MN
Grandmother of Dustyn, School Age Program

Our experience has been extraordinary

"Both my children have been enrolled at Children's Discovery since infancy and they now participate in the school age program. My husband's and my, and more importantly my children's, experience has been extraordinary. The children enjoy the programs, (school as they call it), the activities and outings and the friends they have developed at both campuses.

We all truly enjoy the staff and teachers. The few concerns over the last 10 years that we have voiced have been promptly addressed and resolved. It really is a comfort to me as a working mom to know my children are in good care, learning, laughing and playing in a wonderful supportive creative environment.

Once they both entered grade school we thought we would try the afterschool program at their school and the children couldn't wait to get back to Children's Discovery! My 7 year old is disappointed on the weekends not to attend. Now if I can only get some of the recipes that the kids love maybe they wouldn't give me a disapproving look when I serve dinner! I would recommend either campus without question. I am grateful to the directors, staff and wonderful programming. Thanks!"

Julie of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Paige and Thomas, School Age Program

22 years later, another generation attends CDA

"27 years ago we brought our son to daycare at Children's Discovery. He learned so much there and went on to being enrolled in gifted programs. As it goes, he moved to California.

22 years later, HIS son came to live with us. Dustyn is in his last year of Children's Discovery in the school age program. He started in prekindergarten at that time.

Once again, Children's Discovery has provided a safe, nurturing peaceful daycare that also has taught these children not only 'book-learning' but 'social learning'. The staff are incredibly tuned into what each child needs and encourages them to grow.

Meals are fabulous, field trips are wonderful, parent involvement is encourage, the administration is accommodating. I totally recommend Children's Discovery to anyone that wants superb daycare!"

Nancy of Saint Paul, MN
Grandmother of Dustyn, School Age Program

I would not hesitate to recommend your program

"Both Christopher and Patrick started at Children's and moved through the Kindergarten program. Both boys have been tested as gifted and are making excellent grades. More importantly, however, they are both very well adjusted and very social young people. Your program worked great for us! I would not hesitate to recommend your program (and in fact I have) to other parents.

Every day we see living proof of the importance of Quality Early Childhood Education. It builds the foundation for your child's social, emotional and academic future. Quality, long-term teachers who understand the developmental process of learning will be instrumental in assuring your child reaches their fullest potential. Through positive reinforcement, encouragement, and carefully selected educational materials, your child has an opportunity to soar. Early Childhood Education is one of the most important investments you can make for your child's future."

Father of Christopher & Patrick, Kindergarten Program

Talented teachers and staff

"Rhiannon visited 10 preschools and came up with a list of 3 possible choices. I visited the 3, and ranked them independently. In retrospect, it is no surprise that each of us chose Children's Discovery as our top choice. We have never been disappointed. We have been very impressed at the skill, training level, compassion, and nurturing of your staff. The longevity and extremely low turnover of your talented teachers and staff speaks highly of your program."

Scott & Rhiannon
Parents of Catherine & Megan, Kindergarten Program

We were very fortunate to have found Children's Discovery

"My husband and I were very fortunate to have found Children's Discovery, and are very glad that we have sent our children through the program. Their self-esteem is high, and I attribute much of this to the guidance, nurturing and structure of the center. The teachers are experienced, kind, warm and have the ability to teach the children respect, safety and so much more. I truly believe by the experiences they have had through the preschool classes, and then the wonderful Kindergarten program, that they have a solid foundation that will benefit them through their school age years."

Mother of Rachel & Joseph, Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten program is especially good

"We are very satisfied and happy with the care that has been provided to my son who has been at Children's Discovery for 5 years and my daughter who has been here for 1 year! I really like the staff who is very friendly and always cheerful! I highly recommend Children's Discovery to my friends. Kindergarten program is specially good due to the 1:8 teacher/student ratio! My child gets a lot of attention!! Thanks!"

Asha of Little Canada
Mother of Akash, Kindergarten Program

Best cook in the world

"25 years ago, we brought our son to what was then called 'Little Canada Child Care Center', at the ripe old age of 3 years old. Karl was a shy child, who spent many of his first mornings looking out the window as I left him there, crying his little heart out. Of course, through time, he grew and blossomed into a very social little person. He went to Kindergarten there, and was fortunate enough to soak up every bit of knowledge that was put in front of him. He graduated Kindergarten (complete with cap and gown) and we left a small evergreen for the school. You may notice this tree now as you enter the building. It is the one just outside the door.

As time went on, Karl married, moved to California, and had a son. Happenstance brought them back to Minnesota and staying with us. Imagine our joy when we learned that Little Canada Child Care was still in business, now being known as Children's Discovery Academy of Early Learning, and Karl's teacher, Jill Finnegan, was now directing the programs there. We enrolled Dustyn immediately into Pre-K.

Again, Dustyn has blossomed. Not only is he getting a "book learning" education, but he is getting a Social Education. The staff is very attentive not only to each child's educational needs, but are also very tuned in to what else may be affecting that child. They are very willing and able to do what is necessary to be sure that each child gets the attention that he or she needs.

I would be amiss if I didn't mention the dietary department. Cindy makes the best sausages in town, according to Dustyn! He actually told me that she is the best cook in the world. (Thank you Cindy!)

We would most heart fully recommend this program to anyone!!!

I wonder if in another 20 years, our Great Grandson will be attending?"

Nancy and Don of Saint Paul, MN
Grandparents of Dustyn, Prekindergarten Program

Actually excited to go to school every day

"We decided to bring our children to Children's Discovery after we had some difficulties at our prior center. Our previous center lacked an organized preschool program and we were looking for a more structured program with lots of learning activities.

When we started at Children's Discovery, we weren't quite sure what to expect. The teachers and staff were really great during our tour but we didn't expect them to continue to be so caring and involved after we started.

The preschool teachers took the time to work with our son and help him adjust to the new changes and structure. Amber took extra time to communicate with us about our preschoolers day and things we could do to help him adjust. Amber ever took the time to call and let us know when he had an exceptionally good day - which nearly brought tears to my eyes! It is so nice to have the teachers tell you great things about your children - instead of complaining about discipline issues like we have had before.

Our preschool son has really benefited from the structure and learning activities of the preschool room. Everyday he learns something new and he love to come home and tell us about his day. He really enjoys the field trips, water day and the learning theme of each week. He is very excited to move up to the prekindergarten room in the fall. He is actually excited to go to school every day, which is a very nice change."

Alison of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Gus, Preschool Program

Excellent teachers & flexible hours

Our son is enrolled in full-time daycare and started out in the toddler room. He is now in the process of advancing from preschool to prekindergarten. My husband and I have been very happy with Children's Discovery. The teachers are excellent; the hours are flexible and most important - we feel he is safe and learning new skills. We are fortunate this school serves both breakfast and lunch. They have a clean environment with a great outdoor play area. Many extra classes are offered throughout the year which I highly encourage children to participate in; soccer, computer classes and dance are some of our favorite. We are expecting our second child and plan to enroll this baby in the infant program too!

Amy of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Liam, Preschool Program

We could not be more pleased

Before Ella was born, we researched dozens of daycares and toured those we felt might provide excellent care. We chose Children's Discovery because it was very conveniently located and we were confident after meeting the teachers and the director, Jill, that Ella would receive the best possible care in a loving, educational environment.

Children's Discovery met all of our expectations and has played a critical role in the smart, funny and self-sufficient individual that my daughter has become. We have been very impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication everyone at the center shows on a daily basis.

3 years ago, we moved and the location of the center became far less convenient. However, we chose to keep Ella there and drive the extra miles due to the excellent care she receives everyday.

Ella is excelling academically. At the preschool level she knows numbers, letter, beginning reading and math skills, has excellent vocabulary and most importantly - high self-esteem and respect for others. Children's Discovery has played a key role in her development. We could not be more pleased with the center and all of its staff.

Adina of Oakdale, MN
Mother of Ella, Preschool Program

Very happy she chose Children's Discovery

child playing in tunnel

"My daughter started at Children's Discovery approximately three months ago and I am very happy that we chose Children's Discovery. The Infant teacher, assistants and aides are great with my daughter. The staff are very engaging with my daughter and the other children. The other children in the classroom are very well behaved.

My daughter always has a smile on her face when I pick her up at the end of the day.

I was looking for a daycare that provided a nurturing environment for my child. I was also looking for a daycare that provided educational opportunities for my daughter. So far, my daughter is at or above her developmental milestones and I think her time at daycare contributes to Anna achieving her milestones.

I am happy to have chosen Children's Discovery and have recommended this daycare to friends."

Maria of White Bear Township
Mother of Anna, Infant Program

Above and beyond our expectations

"The staff at the center, especially in the infant room, go above and beyond our expectations on a regular basis. They keep an eye out for those subtle little things that can often be overlooked. We hear from them on a daily basis when we drop him off and pick him up about how he is doing, what has been happening and the various experiences he has everyday.

All in all, we are very happy to have Children's Discovery in our neighborhood caring for our son. And we can tell he likes it too!"

John of White Bear Lake, MN
Father of Ethan, Infant Program

I have been amazed at what Morgan has learned at only 3 1/2 years old

We heard about Children's Discovery from a co-worker whose son was enrolled at the center. I wasn't sure what to expect at first. I loved the location (literally minutes from our house) but was unsure about leaving my baby with strangers. We started in the Infant room and were overjoyed with the care/love that Kristi and Susie gave our baby! I rarely felt the need to call and check on Morgan after the first few weeks. I felt that she was safe and nurtured. That's all I could ask for with our baby.

Last but not least, I have been amazed at what Morgan has learned at only 3 1/2 years old. The curriculum is wonderful and they learn such fantastic things at an early age. I feel like she couldn't get this much from me. We are very pleased with Children's Discovery!

Ann of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Morgan, Preschool Program

Ultimate learning environment

Children's Discovery curriculum provides Samuel with the ultimate learning environment

"It is very rewarding to see how much the teachers pay attention to the details of each child. We're very pleased with our decision to have Samuel attend Children's Discovery. The trained, long-term staff and excellent curriculum provide Samuel with the ultimate learning environment."

Mother of Sam, Preschool Program

We are very happy with our son's development

"We decided to bring my son to Children's Discovery because it felt as the "right place" safe, educational-oriented, clean and warm. My husband and I are very happy with our son's development while attending Children's Discovery. We truly believe that our expectations as first time parents, concerned about their only son's safety, educational development and child well being, has been met by the caring staff at Children's Discovery."

Idolly of White Bear Lake
Mother of Jorgito, Toddler Program

They've done so much to help Jake evolve into the little explorer he is today.

jake loves Children's Discovery Academy"There is certainly no shortage of things for a first-time Mom to stress about, and finding the right daycare was definitely at the top of my list! I'm so happy to say that I couldn't be more thrilled with the choice of Children's Discovery.

Today, Jake is a happy, active almost ten month old and I just know that a huge part of who he is comes from the excellent "Mom's Away From Mom" care he has received. I completely trust that Dawn and her whole team love and care for him in the same manner I do and that they're helping him take all of the right next steps in development. From tons of tummy time (even when he hated it) to loads of encouragement when it came to crawling (he's a maniac now!), they've done so much to help Jake evolve into the little explorer he is today.

There is nothing a Mom wants more than a happy, healthy child. Every day when I drop him off, he has a big grin for his teachers and playmates. That speaks volumes in my book! I am so grateful for everyone at Children's Discovery."

Becky of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Jake, Infant Program

Patient, compassionate, & flexible staff

"The staff are wonderful! We started at Children's Discovery seven years ago. Many staff members who were working at the center when we started are still there. There is very little staff turnover and that says a lot about the organization.

The staff are patient, compassionate, flexible and are respected by the kids and parents-they are great role models for kids of all ages. They have gentle, but firm discipline techniques and work with the parents. The teachers are liked and trusted so much, many are asked by parents to babysit for them evenings and weekends."

Lisa of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Anthony, Infant Program; Kyle, Preschool Program; and Allison School Age Program

Caring and involved

"We decided to bring our children to Children's Discovery after we had some difficulties at our prior center. When we started at Children's Discovery, we weren't quite sure what to expect. The teachers and staff were really great during our tour but we didn't expect them to continue to be so caring and involved after we started. Our daughter warmed to the infant teachers right away, even though she usually is afraid of strangers.

Our infant daughter has made so much progress during our few short months at Children's Discovery. She loves to play with other children, has learned to walk and can communicated by nodding and shaking her head. She loves to read books, go for rides in the wagon and play outside.

It is so nice to have the teachers tell you great things about your children - instead of complaining about discipline issues like we have had before.

Alison of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Iris, Infant Program

The best place for him to learn and grow

"My husband and I decided on Children's Discovery, a few months before Ethan was born. We quickly decided Children's Discovery was the best fit for our family because it was locally owned and operated. Giving back to the community is very important to us and knowing that well respected daycare was local won us over immediately.

My expectations for Children's Discovery and particularly his classroom were that he be given lots of new experiences and cared about like he was his teacher's child. Not only have these expectations been met, they have been exceeded. I know Ethan is cared for and cared about as his teachers share their experiences of the day with him when I pick him up.

And most recently when he had a rash and his teacher, Dawn, was so concerned and asked me to call so she knew what was wrong, it reconfirmed that Ethan is in the best place for him to learn and grow and be safe.

Thank you for all you do to help children grow and for making us feel like part of the family."

Kelly of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Ethan, Infant Program just felt "right"

child care"We chose to bring our son to Children's Discovery primarily because of the convenient location, the reasonable tuition rates, we liked the learning curriculum and it just felt "right" when we visited the center in Vadnais Heights. We had already been on tours at several other daycare centers and Children's Discovery ultimately was the best choice for us.

Since Aiden first began attending Children's Discovery, we have been very satisfied. All of the employees are very caring and always keep Aiden's needs in mind. We want him to be in a safe and clean environment and Children's Discovery does just that, along with doing creative, fun learning projects - even with the infants! I was amazed by the project Aiden brought home for Daddy on Father's Day ~ very cute!

Also, Dawn, the Infant Room Lead Teacher, periodically updates me via email with fun facts about Aiden's day at the center and occasionally sends pictures of really brightens my day and it's fun to hear how well he's doing at the center! As Aiden grows and develops, I think he will benefit greatly from attending Children's Discovery."

Kristina of Mahtomedi, MN
Mother of Aiden, Infant Program

Rave Reviews!

Parents Love Children's Discovery Academy

"As a parent and teacher in the White Bear Lake area, I am excited to share what I love about Children's Discovery. The welcoming, caring, family atmosphere of Children's Discovery fosters a deep sense of belonging which is key to the emotional and social well being of a child. Building on that strong foundation, teachers provide creative, relevant activities that bring out a desire in children to explore and learn. The fact that the center is owned by amazing people in our community seals the deal."

Tammy of Hugo, MN
Mother of Tyler, Erin and Max

Summer program has a lot to offer

"The Children's Discovery Summer Program has a lot to offer. My son always loves the field trip days and I love the fact that he is able to do his swimming lessons during the school week. The staff are amazing at making the kids summer fun and memorable. What kid wouldn't love going to the park and zoo plus many other places? And the staff are so great at informing you and keeping aware of what is going on on a weekly basis sometimes with daily reminder posters as it!"

Jen of Little Canada
Mother of Tommy, School Age Program

A place where your child can learn, grow, play and be loved

"The summer program at Children's Discovery is a great combination of fun and activities while continuing the learning experience. The frequent field trips and activities outside create a fun atmosphere and my son is excited every day to reconnect with his friends and have some fun. I really appreciate the extracurricular programs that are hosted during the day so he can take soccer and attend swimming lessons so we can focus our time at home on our family.

The best thing about the summer program is the friendships that are developed and nurtured. I know that lifelong friendships have developed at Children's Discovery - not only for my son, but for me as well. I know I can count on the families of my son's classmates for creating a strong network of support and to nurture his development at home or in the neighborhood. And the teachers are not only there to teach, but to support the development of great social skills like being a good friend, telling the truth, and understanding the differences that each child brings to the classroom. They are great role models for my child and let him know that he is loved and cared for by people beyond our family.

There are many choices for summer programs, but it would be very difficult to find a place where your child can learn, grow, play and be loved by the people who take care of them every day. In our house, we consider the children, teachers and families at Children's Discovery our extended family."

Jessica of White Bear Lake
Mother of Anton, Pre-Kindergarten Program

Summer activities can't be beat

"The summer program at the Vadnais Heights location will be new to our family. Our son is now in the toddler room and will get the "perks" of having a summer program. Our family enjoyed what was done for the babies during the summer but knowing he will have a summer filled with activities is terrific. Actually, knowing he will be having so much fun makes me a little jealous - I want to be a kid again.

Having structure around what they are learning, even during the summer is crucial. He will continue to be a sponge for knowledge and knowing that his teachers will foster that while letting him explore summer activities can't be bear.

I look forward to many summers of my son having fun and learning at Children's Discovery. Thank you for caring so much for my child and making his days full of learning and fun."

Kelly of White Bear Lake
Mother of Ethan, Toddler Program

The best decision that we made for our kids

"My wife and I have enrolled our two daughters in Children's Discovery, since they were infants. It was the best decision that we made for our kids. They have been immersed in a learning environment that encourages the kids to learn and discover their world. We're amazed at how much they have learned and developed socially, while at Children's Discovery. The staff is caring and easy to talk to. Our kids know all of the staff by name, and they enjoy going to school everyday. Lots of activities and enrichment programs help to enhance the experience at Children's Discovery too.

Our oldest attended her first summer program last year, and she really liked it. The theme was The Wild West, and she learned a lot of interesteing facts about the Wild West. It was fun talking to her about what she learned each day. The kids went on a variety of field trips last summer around the Twin Cities, plus soccer and swimming lessons are offered as well. It's a good mix of learning and physical activity that kept our daughters stimulated to learn each day. It's just a great place to bring your kids, and the care provided is second to none."

Brandon of Fridley, MN
Father of Erin, Pre-Kindergarten Program and Kayla, School Age Program


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"Our preschooler is always so excited to go to school and see her teachers and friends. She is always so engaged and learning so much. We love to hear about [her] day when we pick [her] up. We also love how the online information sheet, daily connect, keeps us informed and connected to our children. Highly recommended!!!"

Jamee from Vadnais Heights

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